Youth Trends for the Week of 7/8/09

Each week we will be posting about Youthology, or what our teens are seeing on the street and trends parents and adults should keep up with or can use to start discussions with their teens! Our Teen Trendspotter Intern is Antonia Valentine from Albany, NY.

Google Search Trend:

There is an incredible demand for tickets to the Michael Jackson memorial service at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

Twitter Trend:

Johnny Depp fans are crowding theatres to see the Public Enemies movie.

YouTube Trend:

Teens are excited about the new Harry Potter movie that will be released in theatres next week.

Fashion Trend:

Weardrobe dedicates its contents to fashion and trends. When entering the blog readers have an option of becoming members. As members readers post pictures of themselves with their recent wardrobe choices.  This website is great for anyone looking to find a new trend or even a new style.


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