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Taking some of the stress out of one of the hardest situations, Custody xChange.

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Top Articles:

A Brazen Careerist: Looking Back Through 2 Years of Entrepreneurship
Vanessa gives us insight into the success of her company; the top 7 things she’s learned so far, her entrepreneurial time line and her current goals.

Familynomics: Laissez-Faire, Marxist and Keynesian Parenting

Vanessa applies Economic Theories to parenting for her next book, Parenting is Flat.

Meet A Few of Our Interns

We have a power team of very talented interns- get to know a few of them!

Youth Trends for the Week of 7/8/09

We now have teen youthologists and trendfinders to keep you up to date.  This has the most watched teen youtube video, teen twitter trend and teen search trend to give you something to talk about!

Articles from Teens and Guests:

How to Guarantee Your Child Will Be Successful Even After They Leave The House! [Guest Post]
Arel Moodie, author of Your Starting Point for Student Success, gives his pointers for parents who are about to let go of their not-so-little boy or girl.

Music to My Ears [Teen Article]
Our actor/singer/dancer teen intern, Alexis, gives us her top music picks for June.

15 Tips for Teens to Lead Happier Lives [Teen Article]

There’s no doubt that the teen years can be some of the roughest, but optimist teen Kelsey gives us some pointers on how to turn that frown upside down.
Are Teens Getting Tired of Social Networks? [Teen Article]
From Facebook to Twitter, for teens social networks has been just a part of growing up but now could these sites just be growing old?

6 Ways Teen Dating Has Changed [Teen Article]
Online dating, age gaps and cheating are just a few of the ways teen dating isn’t the same.

What Can Brands Do To Keep Teens Interested? [Teen Article]
Quality, charity and appeal are a few of the reasons teens return to certain stores, looking for more.

How Technology Has Changed My School [Teen Article]
The internet has altered the high school experience with new tools like Online Information Databases and Online Textbooks.

Cell Phones: Neccesity or Luxury? [Teen Article]
Teen writer, Caroline, explains how there can be a happy medium between the bells and whistles of latest cell phones and their usefulness.

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