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This week our sponsor is  I had seen a few months ago when i was researching our article on how the Internet is changing offline learning into online classrooms and was extremely impressed with Educator.  Educator basically brings together eager students with great teachers.  They have a collection of streaming lectures that are all taught by college professors and cover nine subjects from mathematics to the sciences to computer programming.

Who is for?

*High School Students

*College Students

*Home School Students

*Struggling Students

*Students who want to get an edge

This is for high school and college students who are looking for on-demand and targeted help from great instructors because their own teachers are ineffective and private tutoring is unavailable or too expensive.

Why Use

If you live in an isolated area where there are no effective tutors

If your teachers do not understand your learning styles

If you want to learn from great teachers in awesome subjects.

You cannot afford a tutor.

How do you learn on Educator?

Their product’s technological advantage is in the two-video interface which simulates one-on-one tutoring.  However, the real innovation is in the indexing and searchability of topics within each lecture.  A major issue with competitors is a user does not really know what is in a lecture; they may go through an entire video and not have their problem topic discussed.  With Educator, a user just has to type in a topic and they can jump to a video down to the second where our instructor covers the issue.

Educator’s learning interface simulates a one-to-one learning environment with two simultaneously playing videos, one of the instructor and one of a writing tablet.  Video lectures begin with an overview of the topic and focus on working out problems.  The experience is designed to feel like the user is coming in to office hours.  But unlike office hours, the student can learn anytime, anywhere.

Educator is designed to cover anything you might have problems with in school.  Their comprehensive table of contents and lecture videos are broken down into individual ideas.  Using a powerful search engine, a student can pinpoint down to the second exactly where in a lecture their problem topic is explained.  Additional features include notes and a moderated comment section help students to prepare for exams and ask questions.

Users receive unlimited access to hundreds of lectures over nine subjects for a monthly subscription fee of $20.


What Subjects does cover?

You are able to Learn chemistry, learn calculus: both Calculus BC and Calculus AB.

Subjects include algebra, biology, calculus, chemistry, computer science, and statistics, with more subjects in development.  Educator’s instructors are all experienced college professors and are chosen based on student reviews and several rounds of interviews.
Check them out! is where teens learn from the best teachers in the world.  We specialize in Algebra, Biology, Calculus, Chemistry, Java, and Statistics.


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  1. John Barbour
    January 17, 2011 at 12:41 pm #

    I have not been able to get on the website -calculus for over a week. There is a comment that was left July 2010 that stated problems that consumer was having. Is there a contact number? I paid good money and am not able to access.

  2. Michael Sadler
    October 18, 2012 at 8:14 am #

    Educator is a real help when it comes to improving skills as a web designer and developer.

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