5 Low-Budget Teen Vacations [Teen Article]

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5 low-budget vacation ideas

It’s time to make last-minute travel plans for the end of summer! But what do you do when your dreams are bigger than your bank account? Try one or more of these five fabulous vacations for the teen who wants to do more for less.

1. Take a Bookation
Sounds tacky, I know. But a good book can make any place- your house, the woods, your car, a grassy field- feel like a retreat. For series that you can really get into this summer, try one of these:

  • Carter House Girls Series (teen girls)
  • The Rayne Tour Series (teens)
  • Chicken Soup for the Soul (all ages)
  • Nancy Drew Series (preteen girls)
  • Encyclopedia Brown (preteens)

2. Work for Travel
A kids’ camp near YOU needs another counselor for an upcoming week at camp. A local scouting group wants to go to the lake, but they need a lifeguard- and YOU happen to be certified! Instead of getting an in-town summer job, call around and see if there are any distant jobs that provide housing and meals.

3. Play Tourist

I was once driving my friends around, and I mentioned a little historic town that was just a few miles from our city. None of them had ever really been there, so I took them over there and we enjoyed a great day walking around all of the local attractions. There’s something unique about every town, and a group of friends can go exploring together.

4. Do Mission Work

Volunteer mission work is generally cheaper than a real vacation, as you tend to spend less on souvenirs and attractions and large mission groups get discounts on travel expenses. Pick a cause that you’d love to get involved with, and see if any budget-friendly travel opportunities will work for the cause that you can help with.

5. Join the Club
Get involved with a youth group, play intramural sports or find a summer organization that you want to join. Summertime gives clubs and organizations a great opportunity to travel, so many take advantage of it. Since they get group rates and do fund raisers for trips, it will be little to nothing coming from your pocket!

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