Teens and the Sexual Revolution: A Positive Shift [Teen Article]

Edleen is a well-rounded 16 year old from Los Angeles , CA who enjoys music, swimming, laughing, drawing, speaking her mind and will some day work in the U.S. government.teens and the sexual revolution

Living in the area known as South Central Los Angeles in California, it was extremely common to see a pregnant girl in her teens. Often rumors were spread about her sexual activity and many people would say nasty things about her. For parents, they were filled with fears of being grandparents while their kids were still so young. Now, there are still a few pregnant teens trying to survive with a baby and people are retreating from this trend. Somehow, people are accepting the misconception that teens are decreasing their sexual activity.

As a teen, I am aware that sexual activity amongst those my age has not decreased. Instead, teens are practicing the activity more safely. Teenagers are educating themselves on staying safe from learning about contraception and getting tested for STDs and HIV/AIDS. Another way teens are being smart is by choosing their partners wisely. From talking to many of my friends I have learned that they take time to observe the opposite sex in order to learn their sexual habits and to decide whether or not they would “get busy”. This may not be a full-proof plan but if every teen does so, they can determine if a person they are considering fornicating with has had too many partners, may have a disease, or is just not right for them. With this method, teens are making these tough decisions with reason. Some teens are not just “sleeping around” anymore, which should spread some relief to our society. Although these teens are not mature enough to have sex, they are at least protecting themselves.

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