Training for Tutors and Teachers

I know we have a lot of tutor and teacher readers.  I came across this program and I admitted them as a sponsor so that our readers can see that this kind of a program is out there.  I also know that in the down economy tutoring can be a great, great way to earn some extra income and stay up to date on education!

“Tutoring Foundations” is a high quality and individually mentored online training course for Tutors.  The course was developed in conjunction with the National Tutoring Association, an organization that trains and certifies tutors across the country.  The curriculum covers a comprehensive overview of tutoring skills that is useful to both professional and peer tutors.


  • Start any time (no class group)
  • Self-paced
  • 1 to 1 mentor/learner ratio
  • All materials included on-line
  • Research based
  • Practioner focused
  • Reflective/case study assignments
  • All assignments/quizzes hand-graded
  • Mastery based study tools


  • Personal computer
  • Word processing, web browsing software
  • Broadband Internet connection
  • Basic computer skills
  • 12th grade reading/writing level
  • Self-directed learning style

Whether one is new to the field, or has an established career in tutoring, coaching, or learning center administration, this state-of-the art training program offers a unique enrichment opportunity. Each participant gains new skills and expertise based on the most current research and best practices from a wide range of experts. Mastery of this content and new techniques are reinforced by individualized mentor feedback at a level equal to each learners aptitude and experience.

Check out how to become a certified tutor!

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