Newspost 07-29-09

By Shannon

Free Tween Dress Giveaway!
Shabby Apple online dress boutique has long been revered as a great place to find stylish women’s, little girl’s, and even maternity dresses.  They have recently released a line of tween sized dresses for girls ages 10-13!  These dresses will help tween-aged girls stay stylish, modest, and are very easy on the wallet.  Check out their complete line at!  And one lucky Radical Parenting will win the “G.I. Jane” dress (comes in girl’s sizes 8-14). Email why you would love this dress!

Video of the Week
The New Version of the Wedding Walk

Breaking News
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‘Brow Raising
Men use old trick to steal $120K worth of jewlery
Nude Sculptures Raises Complaints

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