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I am doing the Middle Eastern leg of my Parenting Around the World book project! Get excited for some new columns and videos on the families in those countries!

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Top Articles:

Spectrum of Online Relationships: The 12 Degrees of Virtual Friends
From a real life friend to just a virtual-mutual acquaintance, online relationships often mirror offline relationships and require the same boundaries and unspoken rules.

Degrees of Facebookability: Why Did You Join (or not)?
Vanessa tells us what she really thinks. The top 8 reasons she hears most when people explain why they joined the big FB and why she’s tired of hearing them.

Articles from Teens and Guests:

6 Things to Do With Your Teen This Summer [Teen Article]

Summer break doesn’t mean just catching up with your friends. Hanging out with your parents can be fun too- from renting a boat with the whole family to creating a playlist together that everyone can enjoy.
The Web: The Way Kids REALLY Do Their Homework [Teen Article]
Using sites like Cliffnotes and Sparknotes are inevitable for most high school students, but using these guides in moderation is key to real scholastic success.

Video Games—A must ignore or must love? [Teen Article]
One teen argues how the cons outweigh the pros when it comes to teens and video games.

10 Things Teens Should Do Before They Get “Old” [Teen Article]
High school, college and then a 9-to-5. Time flies! So there’s no time like the present than to realize and go after those dreams.

Death and Celebrities [Teen Article]
An inspiring kindergarten teacher may change more lives than a celebrity, so why don’t we roll the red carpet for them at their passing?

Twitter for Teens [Teen Article]
Though most teens are on Myspace and Facebook, Twitter can be a quick, easy and less time consuming way to stay in the loop.

All About Emo: An Insider’s Look at the Ageless Trend [Teen Article]
A self-proclaimed “Emo” sets apart the stereotypes from the reality.

Our Bodies, Our Daughters: A Mother’s Role in Body Acceptance [Guest Post]
Mother of two sons and experienced psychotherapist for young women, Jill Zimmerman Rutledge, deciphers the mother’s role in their daughter’s body image.

Newspost 07-29-09
Our newspost teen intern Shannon and Vanessa break down their favorite books, videos and news articles around the web.

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