Teenager Obsessions: Top TV Shows [Teen Article]

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True, we procrastinate on our homework by watching TV, use it as an escape from boredom, and probably have seen more television shows than anything else. We teenagers would most likely fall over and die if someone took our DVR away from us or if our electricity went out. With these TV shows to watch, here is why.  We like shows that give us a good laugh, and at the end of the day we can learn something from it that we were not aware of before.

1.      The Secret Life of the American Teenager

From laughter to heartbreaks, from boyfriends to best friends, this show will keep any person or family glued to the television every time it comes on. It all started when an unexpected pregnancy left an innocent teenager’s life in complete chaos. Unfortunately, her friends and other students at her school lives’ began to unravel as well. This show is great because it shows teenagers the unwanted consequences of a teen pregnancy, teaches them to be grateful for what they have, and reminds all of us that we’re not the only ones with problems. One thing is for sure: nothing is ever a secret for too long in high school.

2.      Degrassi: The Next Generation

There is a reason why this television show never stops coming out with new seasons. Many teenagers want a show that hits reality hard, and this is definitely it. There is not a single corner of the teen’s life it has not touched. It is about a group of kids in a school called Degrassi and their lives. Yes, Degrassi is much more dramatic than most schools, but most can relate to it in one way or another. Abortions, adoptions, drugs, break-ups, alcohol, gambling, peer pressure, evictions, school shootings, child abuse– you can be confident to find it all on this show. The show may not always be about laughter (although it has its moments), but it serves as a crucial reality check for teenagers every once in a while. Myself, and many others enjoy it because you can learn something from every episode. It is not cheesy either; the issues it focuses on are very intense and very real-life like. Dramatic, fun, and extreme, it is bound to keep anyone on the edge of his or her seat.

3.      Make It or Break It

What do you get when you put four ultra-competitive gymnasts in a gym full of vaults, beams, and bars that all have their eyes set on the same prize? Drama. This show is hilarious and powerful as it follows the lives of four gymnasts who all have dreamed of making the Olympics gymnastics team. Unfortunately, one has to work at the local pizza shop, one has a secret boyfriend, one refuses to ever do anything else, and one of them will do whatever it takes to get to the top no matter who she has to destroy. This show is great because it is exciting to see what is going to happen next as the girls struggle to make it to nationals despite their obstacles. You look forward to the next episode because only time will tell who is going to cross the finish line first.

4.      10 Things I Hate about You

Although this show is extremely overdone, and almost cliché, it’s hard not to watch it. It is a spin-off of the movie, “10 things I Hate About You” which is about two sisters who could not be anymore different. In this show one is an “aspiring” socialite; the other is an antisocial student. Together, their quarrels and battles keep the show entertaining. Yes, most of us teens went through the popularity stage or the antisocial stage quite a while ago, it is still amusing to see what is going to happen next. It reminds teenagers that striving for perfection may be the wrong way to go and how to choose our friends and personality traits.

5.      Greek

Many watch this show because they are so anxious to see what college life is like. Greek is a show about “the Greek system” at a college called Cyprus Rose. Through a sorority called Zeta Beta Zeta this show captures what it means to be a sorority girl or a fraternity guy. It shows real relationships, classes, college events, and so much more. It is fun to imagine what it would be like to live in a Greek house or to attend theme-parties every weekend. For people wondering what this type of college life is like, Greek is an amusing show to watch.

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