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I am doing the Middle Eastern leg of my Parenting Around the World book project! Get excited for some new columns and videos on the families in those countries!

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Got signed scripts and pictures from Suite Life of Zach and Cody and will be giving them away to our fab interns.

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Top Articles:

Virtual Grown Ups: 6 Ways Kids Seem Older Than You
Have you ever had to teach your parent to use the computer, an iPod? Vanessa has! And it wasn’t easy. Through technology, and their extensive knowledge of it, teens can sometimes seem older than grown-ups!

8 Teen Slang Words That Should Exist
At this point we’ve all heard of sexting, cyberbullying and hickeys. But what about sexgesting, eGuiltBullying or bickeys? Vanessa gives her update on teen slang words, which are relevant to the teen world today.

The Best Unique Activities for Teens in Los Angeles, CA
Through such a vast and sprawling city as LA, finding things to do can be overwhelming. As an LA native herself, Vanessa breaks down the best teen activities in her beloved city. From Chinatown to Santa Monica- she’s got it covered.

Articles from Teens and Guests:

Newspost 08-05-09
Our newspost intern Shannon gives us the latest news stories people are buzzing about around the internet.

Teen Trends for the Week of 8/5/09
Our Teen Trendspotter Antonia spots this week’s trends in Google searches, Youtube and Twitter.

Meet A Few Of Our Interns 8/4/09
From a Harvard Law School hopeful to an aspiring interior and fashion designer, these are just a couple of our latest teen interns.

Ask-A-Teen Column: Teen Pressure, A Piercing Issue
Our Ask-A-Teen interns give us their take on every parent’s favorite topic: body piercing!

Teen Summer Activities [Teen Article]
Not all teen’s summers are fun and games this year. Other priorities, like campus tours and part-time jobs, take precedent.

6 Phases in the Wild World of Teenage Dating [Teen Article]
Our teen-dating expert gives us a play-by-play on one fictional couple’s journey through the 6 phases of teenage dating.

Teenager Obsessions: Top TV Shows [Teen Article]
The top 5 teen TV shows, and why teens are obsessed with them; some are more than just pure entertainment.

Grounding- It Just Doesn’t Work [Teen Article]
Why grounding just perpetuates a vicious cycle of rebellion and punishment and how to better communicate with your disobeying teen.

6 Things to Do With Your Teen This Summer [Teen Article]
Fresh ideas to bond with your teen this summer. From book clubs to cooking classes, you or your teen will not be bored!

Who Can You Lean On? [Teen Article]
The intricacies of high-school social structures can leave many teens confused, betrayed and hurt. One teen experienced the trials and tribulations of her clique and passes on valuable insight to others who may go through the same.

What Teens Are Doing This Summer [Teen Article]
Teens are finding ways to have fun, despite the recession, whether it’s just a simple trip to the beach or killing time online.

Twitter For Teens: A New Social Networking Trend [Teen Article]
5 reasons the latest social networking craze is climbing to the top.

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