How the Recession is Affecting Teens [Teen Article]

Aimee is from West Chester, PA, and she is 14 years old. She has a passion for figure skating, ballet and playing the piano. She loves challenges and aspires to be a lawyer when she is older. how the recession is affecting teens

Working adults everywhere are being affected by the current recession. Some people have lost their jobs; others have taken a drop in pay, while others have not been able to find new jobs to replace the ones they’ve lost. The recession is defiantly hitting some people hard. But, what about teens: how is the recession affecting us?

The recession is affecting the lives of so many teens.  A large number of teens are finding themselves in situations where their parents are unemployed due to the recession. In order to help their families financially, teens are having to stop playing sports, participating in activities such as playing the piano, and buying new clothes for school. Some teens are moving to new towns or states or even countries where their parents can get new jobs.  Loads of teens have parents that have lost their jobs due to the recession, and their lives are being greatly affected by it.

With so many parents being unemployed, there are loads of teens who are trying to find ways to earn some extra spending money. This means that an increasing number of teens are looking for jobs and trying to find creative ways to make money. Finding jobs is pretty hard for teens, because companies are hiring less people in order to save money. Now, there are a huge percentage of teens who say that they are unemployed, meaning they are looking for jobs and not finding any.

The recession is also affecting how teens spend money. Teens are starting to shop smarter and think about how to stretch the dollar. Instead of shopping at stores where a shirt could cost $40, teens are going to shops where they can get 4 shirts for the same price. Because of the recession, teens are becoming more conscious of how they are spending their money, and that is something that people never thought they would see.

The recession is affecting many teens in different ways. Some teen’s parents have lost their jobs due to the recession. In the current economic climate, more teens have jobs or say that they are unemployed. And, teens are also starting to shop smart and become more conscious about how they are spending their money.

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