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Laura is a 17-year-old from Ontario, Canada. She enjoys reading, traveling, and music. In her free time, she loves watching Friends reruns. Trendy TV

Although television today doesn’t seem to have as much of an impact on teenager’s lives in comparison to the internet, teens still like to keep up on their favorite television shows. There are many shows out there, but these are the ones that have caught my attention:

10 Things I Hate About You

I was at first reluctant to watch this show. It is based on one of my favorite movies with the same title, starring Julia Styles and Heath Ledger. The movie was so great that I was afraid this thirty-minute adaptation would never live up to my expectations. Thankfully, after watching the first three episodes, it wasn’t that bad. I had gone into it expecting very little of this remake, but so far it is surprisingly enjoyable. It follows the same characters through their high school experience: Kat, the girl who doesn’t care what the world thinks, and Bianca, her sister who just wants to be popular. The great thing about this show is that it stands alone and offers a fresh plot, rather than trying to be just like the movie. The only real similarities are the characters’ names and it’s worth watching.


This sinister series is one that I have recently been hooked on. It has finished its third season and is just getting better. This dark show is full of black humor and details a gruesome plot. The main character Dexter works with the Miami police department in the forensics unit. He specializes in blood splatter and has a knack for solving especially hard murder cases. However, what is unknown to everyone else is the reason that he is such an expert at catching murderers is that he is one himself. He is essentially a serial killer who kills serial killers. He takes it upon himself to solve those extra cases which may not contain the required evidence to convict the obviously guilty villain. This show attracts me because Dexter twists his killer status into that of a hero. The plot is fascinating and keeps the viewer hooked until the very end. I cannot wait until the next season!

So You Think You Can Dance

I love this show. I always look forward to watching it every week. I am not a dancer, but I enjoy watching the many talented dancers on this show. The beginning auditions are funny to watch as the judges sift through the numerous dancers to reward the most superb ones with moving on to the next round of auditions. The people on this show are immensely entertaining, from the judges to the choreographers and of course the dancers! All of these people work together to improve and challenge the dancers. It is amazing to watch the competitors’ progress each week and perform even more breathtaking routines than the previous week.

My So-Called Life

This show only ran for one season, but it is definitely one of my favorites to watch. It failed to attract a large enough of an audience, even though it was critically acclaimed. Claire Danes is the main character, Angela, a teen in high school during the nineties trying to figure out where she fits in. She is very introspective and deals with many of the things teens today deal with, such as family turmoil and differences with friends. The characters on this show are fascinating and amusing. Angela is someone most girls can relate to as they go through their high school experience.

True Blood

Yes, this show is about vampires. I was hesitant to try this show out, as I am not a Twilight fan and do not usually like anything that has to do with vampires. It seems very much like Twilight when you first read the description: girl falls in love with vampire; they can’t be together, the whole star-crossed lovers’ thing. However, it really is not like Twilight at all. It is much more action-packed and the characters are mature and not as child-like. It has a mysterious and surprising plot and the characters are well developed. I believe this show depicts the world of vampires coexisting with humans extremely well. It could happen, who knows?

Shows I am looking forward to watching this fall:

The Beautiful Life – The CW

Melrose Place – The CW

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