10 Essential Compromises for Divorced Parents

There are a thousand things that I am sure divorced couples do and do not want to talk about after the divorce.  Here are a few things that I remember sneaking up on us and causing havoc between by divorced households.

Set your agreed upon boundaries on the following topics with your ex-spouse for the benefit of the kids:

1) Who is doing the sex talk?

2) Who is doing the drug talk?

3) What is the protocol when the child is left alone?

4) Is your child allowed to go on trips with friends?

5) Are there any parameters for dating and bringing home new significant others?

6) Is your child allowed on Facebook or other online websites?

7) What are the cell phone rules?

8) What is curfew? How does this change over time?

9) What are appropriate TV and Computer usage hours?

10) What is bedtime?

Having similar and congruent rules in these areas is essential for your child to feel balanced and equal at both houses.  The continuity will also save from further fights later on.

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