8/14/09: Articles This Week

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I am back from the Middle East and it was amazing! Will be posting about the families we saw there very soon.  Hope everyone’s last month of summer is going great!

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Top Articles:

Online ‘Drivers’ License: Should You Need to Pass a Test to Use the Internet?
The Internet can be a big, scary world, and yet children as young as 3 or 4 are online. Technology is definitely a way of life. But, maybe we can better prepare our young children to navigate the World Wide Web.

Teaching Teen Girls: 5 Signs A Guy Is Only Interested in Sex
Sadly, this is a lesson that every girl needs to learn and sometimes a guy’s real motives isn’t always obvious.

Can You Teach Ambition?
Not all teens instinctively know what they want in life; sometimes they needed a little guidance whether it’s from their own parents or an outside role model.

Articles from Teens and Guests:

Youth Trends for the Week of 8/12/09
Our trendspotter intern shows us what teens have been following on Google, Twitter and YouTube.

Newspost 08-12-09
This week hot topic’s include teens sharing prescription drugs, dressing your dorm room, the Teen Choice Awards and more.

Q & A on Solo Teen Traveling [Teen Article]
Well-traveled teen intern, Becca, gives us her insight on the benefits of traveling solo.

Trendy TV for Teens [Teen Article]
From reality shows to hour-long dramas, teens have a wide range of tastes when it comes to watching TV.

How the Recession is Affecting Teens [Teen Article]
Teens are directly affected by their parents job losses or pay cuts and are dealing with this changed economic climate the best they can.

Close-Knit Families: A Case Study [Teen Article]
Creating and maintaining a close-knit family is probably the idea goal of any parent, but accomplishing it is a whole other story. Our teen intern, Kelsey, who is close with her parents and siblings gives us her findings on what makes her family so successful.

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