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Top Articles:

10 Essential Compromises for Divorced Parents
Divorce can be messy and painful enough as it is. Ease the tension by working out certain essential duties between you and your spouse.

Parent’s Dilemma: Depowerizing Children
Five ways parents misinterpret their child’s behavior and how this can create a larger rift between them and their child.

Articles from Teens and Guests:

Youth Trends for the Week of 8/19/09
What are teens twittering, googling and youtubing this week? Our Teen Trendspotter Antonia gives us the inside scoop.

Newspost 08-19-09
Our teen intern Shannon gives us newsworthy articles on hot topics like the dangers of texting and the stress of war on military kids.

Ask-A-Teen Column: Winter Fashion on a Budget
Despite our lighter wallets, we can still afford cool winter clothes for less– our Ask-A-Teen Column interns tell us how!

Tips for Tumultuous Teen Years [Guest Post]
Health Articles of Zippy Health explains despite the revolting teen phase, there are things parents can do to stay in close and build a strong relationship with their child.

7 Unspoken Truths About High School [Teen Article]
Sometimes reality does not meet expectation, especially as an incoming freshman in high school. Here are seven things every high-schooler should know.

Key to Success [Teen Article]
How one teacher inspired a struggling student to be a stellar one.

Learning Through the Recession [Teen Article]
No one can deny the negative effects of the recession, however there are positive things we can learn through these hard times.

If That Person Jumped Off A Bridge…Would You Jump Too? [Teen Article]
Although peer pressure may have a negative connotation, it is not all bad. Good friends can be good influences, which can be very beneficial while navigating the difficult teen years.

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