Our Teen E-Column: Submit Video Questions!

Hey everyone! This is Rachel, one of the Radical Teens, speaking. I am very happy to announce the debut of our very own Teen E-column. It is an internet advice program completely run by the Radical Teens. This column will respond to at least one question per week. For any parent or teen that has a question for us Radical Teens, they may submit a video voicemail via ooVoo to the Radical teens’ screen name, which is radparenting.

To submit a question, please download ooVoo (an internet call system) and create a username (directions should show up as soon as you finish downloading the program). Search for friends or family members who are currently using ooVoo by clicking the “Find Your Friends” link when you first sign on (or just add our screen name to your friend list). And then you can call in your question!

Hope to hear from you!

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