Decorating A Teen Room on a Budget [Guest Post]

Kim Gellman is the owner of, a fun and hip website that sells kids furniture, bedding, and room decor from baby to college age kids.

Decorating a teen room with fresh, hip products can be fun both for the parents and teens involved. There are a number of different ideas you can explore, which will hopefully produce for your teen a room they can enjoy, and for you, that doesn’t break the bank.

One inexpensive way to update a room, is repaint it.

Picking a fun, trendy color like orange or hot pink for a gal or royal blue, navy or red for a guy, can reinvent the entire the look of a room.

If you are not a painter, wall art or wall stickies are a fun, innovative way to update a teen room. Wall stickies come in wall pockets which are great for holding pictures, discs, letters and other small items. Wall  photo corners are the newest way to hold photos of your friends and are easy to move and are also removable.

Wall Art/ Wall Stickies Ideas:

  • Chalkboard Wall Art for notes to friends and lists
  • Modern Wall Sticker Art –Easy to apply and removable with contemporary prints
  • Wall Pocket Appliques -for holding discs, photos, letters and personal items
  • Wall Sticker Glam Photo Frames for enclosing pictures in different sizes
  • Peel & Stick Wall Appliques- Modern polka dots to enhance  a room.

Another creative way to bring change into a room is to refinish a vintage piece of furniture like a desk or book shelf. You can find unique pieces at garage or estate sales, strip them and repaint them in the color of your choice.

Buy a piece of used furniture from a garage sale and refinish it. You can rub off some the paint with sand paper for a more rustic look.

Not the do it yourself type?

Other easy ideas and accessories for teens rooms:

  • Fabric letters in your teen’s name or an initial of their last name
  • Hand painted magnet boards to hang notes or pictures
  • A bright colored chair or bean bag chair
  • A contemporary or trendy rug
  • Embellished, feathered telephones or lips telephone
  • Skull or Peace towels for the bathroom
  • Modern personalized wall art with your teens name
  • Furry Lamps or Lava Lamps
  • Zebra and pink feather mirror

Lastly, bedding or pillows is nice way to improve a teen’s bedroom. If its not in the budget for a complete bedding set, add a few pillows to change entire look of a bed.

Ideas for pillows:

  • Personalized throw pillows
  • Animal Print pillows
  • Giant Bean Bag Pillow/Seat
  • Floral Embellished Pillows
  • Lips, Hearts & Leopard Pillow

Whether a fresh coat of paint, a new set of bedding or pillows, wall art or wall stickies, you can decorate your teen’s room on a small budget and change the entire look of the room.

Kim Gellman is the owner of, a fun and hip website that sells kids furniture, bedding, and room decor from baby to college age kids.

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  1. Angelica Berry
    September 20, 2009 at 9:35 am #

    Great ideas – wall art/stickies are definitely the way to go. I’m a brand ambassador (titled expressionista) for cute & colorful wall decals. Check em out at Flair is fun & affordable – a pefect tool for teen decorating.
    ANGELICA gets anyone 10% off.


  2. sunbeam blanket
    October 11, 2010 at 6:47 am #

    Hi! Is it ok to use these information in my prject? thanks!


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