For Entrepreneurs: A New Brazen Careerist

Many of you know that I also write for an amazing blog called Brazen Careerist.  I am excited to announce today that they are launching a new network for next-gen professionals.  For those of you who are entrepreneurs, bloggers or have next-gen professionals, you should forward this and check it out!

What is the new Brazen Careerist all about?

Brazen Careerist is the career management tool for next-generation professionals.  In the online career space where experienced professionals win, we’ve created a network that helps young professionals level the playing field.

Instead of just a traditional résumé, at the core of the new Brazen Careerist profile is an idea-based feed that showcases your knowledge, opinions and thoughts.  In other words: Your potential.

We all know there are pools of new talent coming into the market, but no career site showcases the most critical thing that talent should be sharing: Ideas.

A few of my favorite Brazen Posts for Entrepreneurs:

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Operation Oprah
Operation Oprah is my attempt, as a teen entrepreneur to start a business on my allowance. I just started my journey, but am going to share my funny stories, struggles and successes as I work to build my business. I am turning to my users for help and guidance on my trek to Oprah’s couch. Check out the Operation Oprah tab for a full outline and plan.

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