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Now readers can submit video questions and our teens will answer them in video responses!

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Top Articles:

How to Tell If Teens Are Lying to You

Can you tell when your teen is being honest with you? Here are some tried tips for distinguishing when your teen is being honest, or lying.

Articles from Teens and Guests:

08-26-09 News for Parents

Our newspost intern gives us this week’s hot topics from tween hair coloring to the New Moon trailer.

Teen Trends for the Week of 8/26/09

Our trendspotter gives us the rundown of what teens are wearing, googling and talking about this week.

Parents vs. Schools… Who Sets the Rules?[ Teen Article]

How big of a role should a high school play in its students’ personal lives? An examination of when a school goes too far.

The Importance of Self Defense [Teen Article]

Surprising facts about sexual assaults, which prompts new thinking on practicing ‘self defense.’

The Sneaky Life of the American Teenager [Teen Article]

With the new technological advancements in cheating, comes with new problems that must be addressed.

What is Emo? Why Emo? [Teen Article]

Our teen intern Gema struggles to understand, then question the term ‘emo.’

Age Differences in Teen Relationships [Teen Article]

With all the pressures that come with being a high school relationship, age differences doesn’t have to be one of them.

Decorating A Teen Room on a Budget [Guest Post]

Bored of your current room setup? Kim Gellman of artisticsensations.com is here to help you, with colorful and inventive ways to spruce up your room.

For Entrepreneurs: A New Brazen Careerist

Entrepreneurs shouldn’t just be measured by their resume, but also by their potential. If you agree with that, check out this new career networking tool.
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