Countdown to Puberty: Advice for Single Dads [Guest Post]

This Guest post is by Tara Harrington and Susanne Marcotte-Carroll, two Registered Nurses who each have three children and created the Changes ™ Period Kit for Girls.

Countdown to Puberty: Advice for Single Dads.

It’s no secret that while raising a child is a fantastic experience, it can have its learning curves. If you’re a father, uncle or other male authority raising a young girl, you’re bound to enter un-chartered territory. If you’re a mother, you know what’s going on, the same thing happened to you at about your daughter’s age.

Little girls all over the planet are getting their first period 24/7 – 365 days a year. That’s why Tara Harrington and Susanne Marcotte-Carroll two Registered Nurses who each have three children saw the need for and created Changes ™, an innovative and unique product for girls who are about to go through the biggest change of their young life: Their first period.

Tara and Susanne have “seen it all,” parents too uncomfortable to bring up the subject of puberty and young girls looking for answers as to why their bodies are changing. The girls desperately want to feel good about themselves and too often there is no communication between them and their parents.

Tara and Susanne say there’s a huge need to help bridge the gap between parents/guardians and their girls because there’s more to puberty than teen crushes and tingling sensations.

Here are Tara and Susanne’s Top 5 list of advice for dads (and moms).

1- Have open communication with your daughter.

2- Explain the changes that will happen to her body.

3- Make sure she doesn’t feel like she is going through this alone.

4- Be prepared in your house with products she will need when she gets her period (such as the Changes ™ kit).

5- Respect her privacy, but don’t give her too much.

Since puberty happens only once in a lifetime, there’s no margin for error. Changes ™ is a first of its kind invaluable tool that every pre-teen will want on their “Must Have” list. It’s an essential way for any parent or guardian to begin the crucial bonds of open and intimate dialogue about puberty, which is lacking in today’s environment. Changes ™ is designed to empower the girls to express their inner beauty in appropriate and personal ways.

Young Miss” is for the girly girl who revels in her femininity. “Tomboy” is for the more daring and adventurous girl. Both versions are filled with easy to understand information and facts. The kits include a journal to write down thoughts and experiences, a calendar to track menstrual cycles, her very own stationery, multi-color mood pen and aroma therapy to help adjust her moods when hormones are trying to take over.

Either way, the Changes ™ kit will help put the giggle back in the girl and give her confidence throughout her day.

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