Help: Looking for a Japanese, Singaporean and Korean Family

For our next book Parenting is Flat we are traveling to 30 different countries to interview 30 different families about their daily life.

We are traveling to Japan, Korea and Singapore in October and looking for a family to interview in each country! All we ask is that they:

  • Parents are born in the country
  • Their kids are all born in the country
  • They have one child under the age of 18
  • Within 2 hours drive/train of Tokyo (Japan), Seoul (Korea).

We would interview each family for a few hours and take a video of their daily life.  It is an awesome project and a way to teach the world about your culture. See a sample video below:


Read more about the project here.

Please email: if you are interested or want more information.  We are so grateful for your help.


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