How Strict Is Too Strict? [Teen Article]

Meaghan is a 16-year-old from Zephyrhills, Fl. She enjoys cheerleading, shopping and her favorite subject is journalism II, because she plans to be a journalist.

As a teen, you are bound to get grounded at least once in your life. Personally, I get grounded familyfor every possible thing. As I sit home every Friday night, I ponder at the fact that my parents are super strict. How come my friends get to go out when they talk back to their mom and dad, and yet I’m at home? I’m about to get down to the basics and interview my very own parents about the age-old question: How strict is too strict?


Ms: How strict were your mom and dad?


Mom: Not strict when it came to doing things, but strict when it came down to grades. As long as I made good grades, I could do almost anything within reason.


Dad: Very strict on curfew. Not on grades, I did very well.


Ms: Do you think you are just as strict as your parents?


Mom: In some ways.


Dad: Yes, but differently.


Ms. Did you want to be a strict parent or a fun care- free parent?


Mom: I think I’m a little of both.



Dad: Neither, I feel that I am a good parent who sets boundaries for their children.


Ms: When you hear about teens that can go and do whatever they want, what would you say to those parents?


Mom: That it’s hard for my child to compete with that.


Dad: Nothing, I don’t consider them parents. They are trying to be their friends, not their parents.


Ms: Do you think that being strict will push your teens to be better parents, or succeed more in life.


Mom: I hope so.


Dad: That is the hope and prayer of a parent.


Ms: Do you feel that your strictness effects your teens in a negative way?


Mom: I think it depends on your relationship with your teen.


Dad: I agree with your mother.


Ms: How do you feel about being strict parents?


Mom: I think I am pretty good about balancing being fun and strict. I believe that you can be both. It may just be at different times in their lives.


Dad: I just want the best for my children and want them to be prepared for the future.


Ms. Are your teens missing out on some activities other teens do because you are strict?


Mom: Sure. But, do I really want them involved in events like parities where there will be drinking and drugs? I feel that safety is more important.


Dad: Not on good activities, but they are missing out on the bad, dangerous, illegal, immoral and unethical ones.


As teens we can tell you what we think is too strict. If you take away our cell phone or if you send us to our room for the night, parents are horrible! But everyone on earth has had to deal with parents. I guess the question “How strict is too strict?” will never be answered. There are so many forms of strictness and what every parent thinks is okay for their child. This is just one of the many questions that will never be able to be answered. Sure teens could tell you, but we won’t really have any idea how to determine what strict is until we become parents ourselves.


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  1. JB From Pasco
    September 4, 2009 at 6:04 am #

    Great article Meaghan! I think your parents are doing a great job for being strict, maybe too strict, but I can tell they love you!

  2. L. Gallo
    September 14, 2009 at 5:03 am #


    I´m doing research on a book for teens and teen views on things like strictness and control of parents who are parenting at different stages. This book is focused on teen/parent relationships. May I use all or part of your post without changing it in that book, and when and if it is published I will certainly be in touch with you.

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