Top Online Resources for Librarians [Teen Article]

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Academic Resources:

1. Information Databases
Grolier Online is an online database that has  information from encyclopedias and other certified resources, both print and online.

2. Bibliography Maker
Noodletools is a tool used to help students make bibliographies easily.

3. Online Textbooks
Pearson Success Net is a website that can be used by a school to view any textbook published by the Pearson publishing company.

4. Google Books
Google Books can be used to read certain books online. (However some books can only be read partially)

“Red Tape” Websites

1. Wikipedia

Wikipedia is often said to be unreliable, but is an easy way to find out more about authors, characters, and other aspects of reading.

2. Google

Google is often said to be unreliable for information, but can be a great place to easily search for information about anything having to do with books.

Social Resources

1. Teen Reads: Teen Book Clubs

Teen Reads is a great website with information about starting a book club, with reading guides, popular titles, as well as a blog.

2. Good Reads

Good Reads is a social website to connect to other people with similar reading tastes to find book recommendations.

3. Facebook

Many authors actually have fan pages on Facebook where they release information about upcoming books. These pages can easily be followed for up-to-date information about upcoming sequels, book signings, and other things to do with authors.

Book Recommendations and Orders

1. “What Should I Read Next?”

What Should I Read Next” is a database where you simply put in the book you read on the homepage, and a list of recommended books are displayed, as well as a link to a place to buy the book on Amazon.

2. Amazon is an online store for ordering books of all kinds, as well as items not related to reading.

3. Borders & Barnes and Nobles

Borders and Barnes and Nobles are both book stores where you can find a number of books for students.

4. The Book Explorer

The Book Explorer is an easy-to-use website used for book recommendations. You simply enter the book you’ve read and books with similar themes or authors are recommended.


1. Libcat

Libcat has links to many other libraries across the United States as well as information about Library Associations.

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