9-2-09 News for Parents of Teens

Turning Science Into Tools to Help Families Raise Healthy Children: A Talk with Steve Pasierb,

CEO of the Partnership for a Drug-Free America Behavioral Health Central


National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month, 2009 by the President of the

United States of America, A Proclamation The White House


Kentucky bears down on prescription-drug abuse                                                                                       ModernMedicine


Narconon Launches ‘Operation Medicine Cabinet’ in Georgia – Prescription Drugs Commonly…    PRNewswire


Narconon Reports on Back To School Drug Use PRWeb


Campus ADHD prescription abuse increases University Daily Kansan


Even 11 Years Sober, DJ AM Succumbed to Addiction ABC News


Afghan Opium Crop Down, Prices Plummet: U.N. Reuters


Cheap Drinks At College Bars Can Escalate Drinking Among College Students                                 Science Daily


Drunken-driving cases spike in China USA Today


Parents play key role in whether teen tobacco use becomes daily habit                                                PhysOrg.com


Teens who text and drive: Will scare tactics curb them?                                                                             The Star-Ledger


Carol Shwanda, who chronicles the daily adventures of her and her husband’s  blended family of five kids, four cats, three dogs, two fish and a bird in her blog: www.shwanda.com, is writing a book about the challenges, joys and issues facing today’s blended families. The book promises to be a positive, insightful and humorous approach to help readers  sort through the obstacle course of blended family life. To take part in her blended family survey click here.

The “Do More Than Cross Your Fingers” campaign encourages parents and families to become better prepared for life’s emergencies!  The online tool features many resources and even a game and will be launched by the American Red Cross on September 1st.

Books of the Week

A Smart Girl’s Guide to the Internet by Sharon Cindrich Published by American Girl

Defining Twilight by Brian Leaf I love this because it is a way to use Twilight to do test prep!

When Play Was Play: Why Pick-Up Games Matter by Ronald Bishop

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