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Top Articles:

25 Day Family Video MakeUnder

In this series, 25 Day Family Makeunder, Vanessa Van Petten and Radical Teen writers put together 25 days worth of challenges and activities to help your family re-start, re-energize and re-connect.

Virtual College Admissions 101: Your University Guide

From the initial application process to your first orientation, learn how college admissions has gone virtual and what this means for generations to come.

Articles from Teens and Guests:

Countdown to Puberty: Advice for Single Dads [Guest Post]

Registered nurses and mothers, Tara Harrington and Susanne Marcotte-Caroll help bridge the gap between fathers and their daughters during this crucial stage of growing up.

2010 Grandparents: Virtual babysitters? [Guest Post]

Marc Herstein of grandchildconnection.com explains how grandparents can build a stronger connection to their gradchildren through video conferencing.

Walking the Line Between Mom and Dad: 6 Strategies to Help Children of Divorce [Guest Post]

Divorce can be messy and difficult, as can co-parenting post-split. Founder of the site thegrownupchild.ca, Carolyn Grona gives her tips to help your children of divorce to feel more comfortable and confident while they are under two roofs.

Why Cramming Doesn’t Work – How to Study Right and Be Happier [Guest Post]

Regan Bozman of the SAT prep program, Terra Firma, explains how cramming is ineffective, especially for the most important test a teen can take, your SATs.

9 Amazing Websites That You Haven’t Discovered (Yet) [Teen Article]

There’s more to web surfing than Youtube and Faceboo. Try this diverse set of websites that will give you a new excuse to be online for hours.

Top 10 Teen Movies Of All Time [Teen Article]

Teen writer and movie fanatic covers the top teen movies from classics like Sixteen Candles, to modern blockbusters like Transformers.

How Strict Is Too Strict? [Teen Article]

Teen writer Meaghan interviews her own arguably strict parents to get some insight on teen parenting.

Top Online Resources for Librarians [Teen Article]

As we move further into the a digital world, librarians have more resources at their fingertips like online textbooks, bibliography maker and more.

Movies Every Teen Should Watch [Teen Article]

Four films that speak to this teen generation.

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– Hear from a parent of 4 intuitive children what it means to use your intuition when interacting with your child.
– Learn from a teen expert, what tweens and teens are saying about their parents and why certain things work, and other things don’t.

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