26 Words of Divorce [Teen Article]

Alyssa Rae is a 16 year old from Rochester, New York. She loves her friends, her sisters and thunderstorms.

26 words of divorce

Divorce sucks! Everything about it. It is so hard for everyone. I’ve been through nine. Not one of them has been even close to a stroll through the park eating ice cream. When I think about divorce a lot of thoughts and emotions flow through my mind. I can think of something for each letter of the alphabet.

A-    Anger: When my dad and my step-mom got divorced I was extremely angry.

B-    Betrayal: You are betraying you children when you divorce! Getting married is a promise to stay together with that person.

C-    Confusion: Divorcing is a very confusing thing; you don’t really know what to feel.

D-    Decisions: When your parents split you feel like you have a million decisions to make and don’t know how to make them.

E-     Emotions: Your emotions become a big bowl of soup, there are so many flavors all mixed together, and you don’t know what is what.

F-     Falling Apart: Watching your family fall apart is one of the most difficult aspects of divorce.

G-    Getting Help: A lot of people, the divorcees and their families have to get some help, therapy, after or during the divorce process.

H-    Habit Breaking: I think some people get comfortable in their unhappiness.  Getting divorced is breaking the habit.

I-       Irritation: I was so irritable. And the divorcees were probably irritated with each other.

J-       Jealousy: I sometimes get jealous of my friends whose parents are together. In some cases of divorce jealousy is involved.

K-    Kaleidoscope of Feelings: I was so jumbled and my feelings were all mixed up, squished together and changing.

L-     Love Lost: Love can change. In cases of divorce, love has obviously changed.

M-   Money: Divorce isn’t free, neither is marriage or lawyers.

N-    Negativity: I was a negative-Nancy for a long time after some of the divorces, and the divorcees are sometimes quite negative to each other.

O-    Oppression: I kept all my feelings all bottled up. It was very unhealthy and quite stressful.

P-     Pain: So so much pain is caused from divorce. For everyone.

Q-    Quitting: To divorce is to quit. Simple as that.

R-    Relationships: Many relationships are changed. Between all members of the family.

S-     Suckage: Divorce is a sucky situation. Very, very sucky.

T-     Timing: Timing is everything. I was turning 15 when my dad and step-mom divorced, talk about bad timing.

U-    Ugly: Divorce is an ugly, ugly situation. It is unhappy and yucky.

V-    Vicious: Maybe not in all situations, but sometimes, with some people the divorce can be vicious and brutal, like with my ex-step-dad and his first wife.

W-  Wake-up call: Talk about a wake-up call. I’ve thought everything was fine, and then, nope, divorce.

X-    X-Spouse: Need I say more?

Y-    Yelling: Some people prior to divorce fight… a lot.

Z-     Zolism- I unfairly judged my dad many times during and after the divorce process.

So, as you can see, there is a lot involved in divorce, and there are a lot of emotions and feelings for the divorcees and their children. I’m an experienced child of divorce. And I would have to say that divorce simply sucks.

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