9/11/09: Articles This Week

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1. Vanessa weighs in on the issue of childhood obesity on CNN.com.

2. Ask-A-Teen Column:

Please submit to our teen ecolumn with your video questions.  We get about 800 email questions from parents a day. We want you to submit them to our teens!

This is an internet advice program completely run by the Radical Teens. This column will respond to at least one question per week. For any parent or teen that has a question for us Radical Teens, they may submit a video voicemail via ooVoo to the Radical teens’ screen name, which is radparenting.

To submit a question, please download ooVoo (an internet call system) and create a username (directions should show up as soon as you finish downloading the program). Search for friends or family members who are currently using ooVoo by clicking the “Find Your Friends” link when you first sign on (or just add our screen name to your friend list). And then you can call in your question!

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When I sat down to write an ebook with our teen writers we through over 100 topics on the table. We kept coming back to the most fundamental idea: communication. If you have good communication, drugs are not a problem. If you have good communication, lying is not a problem. If you have good communication, self-esteem is not a problem. We kept coming back to this idea over and over again. So, we thought, that is what our first group ebook should be about.

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Top Articles:

Emoticon Translations: Top 20 Teen Emoticons Defined
With new technologies, comes new forms of communication which we are not necessarily taught. Here Vanessa breaks down them most used emoticons.

Obama’s Back to School Speech: 5 Points for Obama’s Speech to Students
What Vanessa hopes Obama will address in his Sept 8th speech to students.

Art of Child Maintenance: If Teens Were Like Cars
How are family meetings like oil checks? Or tough times like tough weather? Vanessa lists five ways teens are like cars

Articles from Teens and Guests:

Teen Trends for the Week of 9/9/09
This week, teens are talking about the MTV Video Music Awards, Britney Spears surprise song at a Greensboro concert and a new iPhone app.

09-09-09 News for Parents
What parents should know this week from a teen-only social networking site to the latest books on tweens and teens.

Ask-A-Teen Column: Mean Girls
Our Ask-A-Teen interns give us their take on navigating the inevitable high school cliques.

5 TV Families As Teachable Moments [Guest Post]
Author Laura Dave, of The Divorce Party: A Novel, shows us how TV families can help start a dialogue between divorced parents and their children.

Growing Up Too Fast [Teen Article]
Hindsight is always twenty-twenty. What one teen wishes she had known when she was just a kid.

Life as a tug-a-war for advice [Teen Article]
Finding a balance between setting new goals and being grateful for where you are and what you already have.

26 Words of Divorce [Teen Article]
The alphabet serves as a template for every emotion a teen may go through when dealing with divorce.

The Role of Religion Among Teens [Teen Article]
Whether a devout Christian, Jew or someone who just prays in times of need, religion may play a part in many teen’s lives.

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