7 Video Games That Are Good For Your Kids [Guest Post]

It may be that popular opinion frowns on video games for kids. And, for sure, too much time sitting in front of the television playing games for hours on end is bad for your child. However, there are some video games that, in moderation, can teach your child concentration, brain agility and even values. Here are seven video games we recommend that are actually good for your kids.

  1. Wii Fit – Wii Fit is great for all ages and provides a total fitness program. Your child can participate in balance games, aerobics, strength training and yoga. And, the games are so much fun that they’ll never notice that it’s great exercise. This is one video game that defies the image of the couch potato kid. Nintendo also makes “Active Life: Outdoor Challenge” which is basically Wii Fit for kids, if you prefer. But, we’ve found that our kids really enjoy Wii Fit, and we can play it too.
  1. Wii Ski – This game uses the same balance board used with Wii Fit, but uses it to simulate downhill skiing and snowboarding. This is another great game that keeps kids off the couch and improves their balance.
  1. BoomBlox – This is a fairly simple game, but it’s great fun and is as good for the child’s mind as putting together a puzzle. Created by Stephen Spielberg, this game is colorful, challenging and fast moving.
  1. NCAA Football 2009 – The graphics on this game are great, and it’s a perfect video game for the football enthusiast. Not only do you have great plays in the actual football game, but the game employs a strategy aspect through recruiting of new players for your team.
  1. Guitar Hero and Rock Band – These games are great fun for the entire family and help spark your child’s imagination and love for music. There’s nothing better than a family game night devoted to a Guitar Hero tournament or the entire family forming your own rock band.
  1. Space Invaders Extreme – An old school game becomes new again. Space Invaders was one of the original video games, and this version keeps the game fresh without losing the charm of the original game. And, it’s one blasting game that’s not violent. You’ll require fast reaction time to keep the aliens from invading the planet. That’s if you can wrestle it out of Dad’s hands!
  1. Little Big Planet – This Playstation 3 game reminds you a bit of Mario, because of the platforms. As you play, you collect tools and objects that become the building blocks for designing your own game levels. In addition to creating your own game levels, you can use the game levels other players have shared online.

There are plenty more games that are good for kids out there. Though parents still need to be cautious about what kids play, and use those ratings religiously, it is nice to know that you can let your kids play some video games and still feel good about yourself as a parent. Heck, some of these games are so great, you might just find yourself playing along.

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