9-16-2009 Picks of the Week

Daily Plate of Crazy:These articles are by our featured blogger today, D. A. Wolf (a.k.a. “Big Little Wolf”), a freelance writer and single mom with two teens she calls her own, and a few more to be found sleeping on the couch, the floor, or the storage closet turned guest room.

Light bulb: A mom’s moment of realization: time for her teen to fly the nest.

Life before Google. SATs. A great omelette: 16 years old and things to do – just not quite what’s on the agenda!

White Palace. Twisted Pleasure. Empties: Condoms, teens, and musings on love.

OMG! Hot Blonde with my baby: Babe magnet emerges on the scene.

Books of the Week

Book by Book: The Complete Guide to Creating Mother Daughter Book Clubs by Cindy Hudson I love this book because I think mother daughter book clubs are a fabulous way to bond and create community for your daughter.

The Art of Empowered Parenting: The Manual You Wish Your Kids Came With by Erik Fisher This is a great book about parenting and gives a different kind of perspective on some typical parenting problems.

Some other articles by Erik Fisher:

The Secret: Harboiled So many of us go through life feeling that we have fallen short in life and/or don’t even know where to start to set goals. Reach for the Stars and Land on Uranus addresses hopes, dreams, expectations and goals and the fuel that helps us to reach for them.

All Have Won and All Will Have Prizes Football is in full swing right now, and many of us can get wrapped up in our kids’ sports. How are you teaching your kids sportsmanship? Dr. E… addresses some of the issues in this article.

Teaching Your Children Values Through Volunteerism Volunteering for others can teach so many things that are beneficial to our kids, and when you volunteer along side of them, it can create some great memories and teach some great things.

Are You Kidding Me? What’s all the hubbub about President Obama speaking to our kids? Dr. E… weighs in on this. Check out his perspective.

Time to Play: My Way You and your kids are never too old or young to play together and doing so is so important for your relationships. See what you can learn and how to play with meaning.

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