9/18/09: Articles This Week

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Urgent: Looking for DR PHIL Co-Guest [Teen Biting Trend] and [Teens and Pressure]

I am working with the Dr Phil show to find guests who have experiences teen biting or do it regularly and teens who have had extreme pressure from school or parents to be on the show with me. Email immediately: manager@scienceofpeople.com.

Top Articles:

Fingerboarding: What is Fingerboarding and Why Youth Love It

Four reasons this harmless “sport” has become so popular amongst teens.

Family Video Makeover: Day 2 and 3 Family Meetings with Kids

25 days worth of questions, challenges and activities for your family. A look inside Day 2 and 3.

10 Ways to Teach Smart Decision-Making

Vanessa’s tips to good decision-making whether for a fellow employee, a child or a friend.

Articles from Teens and Guests:

Do students have any privacy rights on social networking sites? [Guest Post]

Judge Tom Jacobs, creator of the law-site for and about tweens, askthejudge.info, explains how in this digital age “freedom of speech” is not necessarily applicable.

7 Video Games That Are Good For Your Kids [Guest Post]

Not all video games are bad, some can teach a child concentration, brain agility and values.

Autism In Real Life [Guest Post]

Mother and blogger, Miss Suzy, gives her heartfelt account of parenting a child with autism.

Why September is the WORST [Guest Post]

Jen Singer, author of Stop Second-Guessing Yourself parenting guides, has stopped counting the days until the first day of school.

9-16-2009 Picks of the Week

How do you create a mother daughter book club? How about teaching children values through volunteerism? Our picks of the week will explain it all.

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