Top 5 Teen TV Shows [Teen Article]

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From relationships to heartbreaks, teenage life is a roller coaster ride. Only a teenager can truly experience what it really means to be a “teen,” however there are some brilliant television shows out there that are close to the epitome of what teenage life is really about.

1.    90210

This teenage drama is a remake of the old hit Beverly Hills 90210. Even though Brenda, Kelly, and Donna are not the main characters on the show anymore, and a new set of teens have moved in, the same plots remain. 90210 shows what drugs can do to teens as well as how conniving and mean some teens out there are. While everyone likes to picture high school with the old cliché “the best times of our lives,” in their heads, 90210 shows how real teens operate. One minute, the person you thought was closest to you, can stab you in the back. With teen pregnancy as one of the plots, this show really did play it out realistically. It shows drugs, alcohol consumption, and wild parties are what some teens are doing out there, while some parents do not care about what their teens are doing, while other parents do. The constant drama and realistic storylines keep me wondering about what is going to happen next.

2.    NYC Prep

This show can proudly be epitomized as the real “Gossip Girl.” NYC Prep follows six teenagers around New York City, documenting their hook ups, break ups, and getting into college. This show gives the public an insight on how independent teenagers live without the supervision of parents or adults. I like the crazy drama about boys that the female characters bring to the show as well as their amazing fashion choices! That is what keeps it so enticing. It’s fun to see how real teenagers act and learn from their mistakes.

3.    Gilmore Girls

This series ended a couple of years ago, but the re –runs are still on ABC Family. Gilmore Girls is a classic television show that will never go out of style. I applaud Rory’s close relationship with her mother. This bond that these two characters have is what keeps me watching. I like how Rory can go to her mother Lorelei and talk to her about anything. It shows how parents CAN have a close relationship with their child, without trying too hard. As the seasons went by, we got to see the hard decisions facing Rory when it came to boys, college, and life in general. This show deals with everyday hardships that every teen can relate to and I am glad the re-runs are still on for me to watch!

4.    What I Like About You

Unfortunately, this show also ended a couple of years ago. However, it is my favorite show and always will be. With re-runs on ABC Family every day, there isn’t one episode where I can’t laugh at what situation Holly Tyler is getting herself into. There is always a hilarious moment and shows how even if someone is going through a hard time, there is always room to laugh it off. I would recommend this show to any teenage girl out there having boy problems and just loves to laugh. This is the show for you!

5.    The Hills

Many of my friends as well as me take time off from our schedules every Monday night to watch The Hills. I love this show because of it gives us a picture of what reality really is. We might not all have the money and fame that the people on the show have, but the central focus of this show which is basically relationships and drama with both boys and friends are always going to be there. Watching this show helps me because some of the people on this show are going through the same situations like trying to find their real friends that real teens like me are going through. The people you think you can trust are sometimes not your real friends. Another reason why I love this show so much is because it has to do with California and again the fashion scene is amazing! If only we all could have amazing clothes like Lauren, Heidi, and Audrina… I wish!

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  1. Victoria
    September 24, 2009 at 5:00 pm #

    very well written article! it caught my attention quickly :) interesting details about the shows too!

  2. Mona
    October 17, 2009 at 12:51 pm #

    mhm, this is wassup. this article is well written but needs to be bedazzled. JUST KIDDING. its already got the gems and the glue, what else could you want? There are many other shows that portray the things you speak of as well such Degrassi and Greek which are personally my favorite two shows mainly because they are realistic.

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