9/25/09: Articles This Week

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Vanessa was chosen as one of the top 100 Bloggers to watch by Women’s Magazine!

Check out our segment on Great Day St Louis, we do a quick tour of Club Penguin, Webkinz and Facebook:

Top Articles:

Teens, Faith and Happiness: 10 Tips to Encourage Youth to Be Religious

The benefits of religion amongst teens and how to incorporate it into their lives without scaring them away.

5 Reasons the Next Generation Might be Socially Illiterate

Ironically, the more social networks we integrate into our daily lives, the less socially literate we may become.

Articles from Teens and Guests:

Ask-A-Teen Column: Cyberbullying

Our Ask-A-Teen writers, tackle the difficult and pressing issue of internet bullies.

I’m not going back to school and you can’t make me! [Guest Post]

Author, educator and life adviser, Annie Fox answers universal questions about that unavoidable day in September: first day back to school!

Tween Turning Heads [Guest Post]

Deb Dunham of tweenyouandmebook.com gives tips to parents dealing with their child’s crucial transition from tween to teen.

Looking Back: 4 Pieces of Advice to Give Your Ten-Year-Old Self [Teen Article]

Four things a teen wishes she knew then, about boys, school and self-esteem.

The Dating Scene: 6 Different Teen Relationships [Teen Article]

From casual to serious, teen dating observer Rachel breaks down the different types of relationships found in high school.

The Many Stages of Virtual Websites [Teen Article]

Today’s youth are growing up with the internet, and as they get older their use of the technology changes.

Top 5 Teen TV Shows [Teen Article]

The shows that show teen drama how it really is.

Top Four Movies of Summer ’09 [Teen Article]

A teen writer’s top picks for summer flicks.

Trials and Tribulations of the Preteen Years [Teen Article]

A thoughtful reflection on the crucial transition from childhood years to teen years.

4 Good Reasons to Take a Year Off After High School [Teen Article]

How a gap year can help teens make better decisions regarding schools and careers.

Meet a Few of Our Interns 9/22/09

From an aspiring doctor to racecar driver, meet the latest of our diverse group of radical teen interns.

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