5 Unforgettable Films for Teens [Teen Article]

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5 Unforgettable Films for Teens
There are so many movies out there that teens can enjoy. Countless movies are released every year for the teen audience. Movies are something teens can enjoy with friends and family. Everyone has favorite movies, but that list seems to change over time as they grow older. This is a list of some of my favorite movies that I as a teen never grow tired of.


Clueless is a fun movie about high school in the 90’s. It centers on Cher, a high school student in Beverly Hills. It follows the ups and downs of her adolescent life, and shows how superficial high school can really be. She is rich, popular, and gets whatever she wants. When a girl name Tai moves to her school, she and her friend, Dion, take pity on her as a ‘less fortunate’. They give her a makeover and bring her into the popular crowd. It is a hilariously clever movie, which reveals the inner workings of Cher’s mind.

Never Been Kissed

Never Been Kissed is a movie starring Drew Barrymore who is an undercover reporter and writer at her local newspaper. Her boss assigns her a project where she must register as an undercover high school student to get into the minds of the popular students there, for what is expected to be a huge story for the paper. However, she was not successful with becoming popular in her previous high school experience, and this time is no different. Never Been Kissed is a charming film that teens can relate to.

Second Hand Lions

Second Hand Lions is a unique, moving story of a boy who spends the summer with his elderly great uncles. At first he is reluctant-they don’t even have a TV!-but soon he comes to realize that television is not needed at this house. The uncles are wildly entertaining with their constant sleepwalking, stories from their magnificent, mysterious past, and their short temper with salesmen who try to sell them the latest products. The mystery to the boy is how the uncles have acquired their fortune, as they are quite rich. He learns their past through their stories of action and adventure. This movie is one of my favorites that I watch with my family time and time again.

She’s the Man

She’s the Man is a relatively new film but is definitely worth watching. Amanda Bynes is probably one of the few females who can pull off playing both a male and female character in a movie. Determined to prove that girls can outplay guys in soccer, she impersonates her brother at his new school. During her time at the school she must fool her classmates into thinking she is a man, getting her into complicated situations. This is an outrageously entertaining movie that every teen can appreciate.

Mean Girls

I am quite confident that the majority of the teenage population has seen this movie. It is also a more recent film, but almost instantly became a classic with its numerous quotable lines and characters so typical in high school that they are actually unique. The story follows Cady, played by Lindsay Lohan, who is just beginning her junior year in high school after being homeschooled all of her life. She is at first seen as a ‘homeschooled jungle freak’, but unexpectedly falls in with the popular crowd. This begins the crazy roller coaster that is her high school experience.

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