Teens and Concerts: Blink-182’s Tribute to DJ AM [Teen Article]

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Teens and Concerts
Everyone knows about Michael Jackson’s horrible death, and the less publicized Farah Fawcett’s. Now it’s DJ AM. Raised in Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia, DJ AM was just known as Adam Goldstein before entering the disc jockey world. He dated singer Mandy Moore, and actress Nicole Richie. Recently, DJ AM was involved with Dusk at Caesars nightclub in Caesars Atlantic City as a DJ. DJ AM was only thirty-six at the time of his death on Friday, August 28, 2009. He was found in his apartment, already gone, before the paramedics could do anything.

Saturday, August 29th, at the Blink-182 concert in Hartford, Connecticut, the band dedicated the song “Down” in their friend’s honor. Before proceeding to the song, Mark Hoppus commented, “We lost a dear friend yesterday. His name was Adam Goldstein. You probably know him as DJ AM. He was an innovator and a genius and he loved music more than anything else. Above all he was a dear friend.” People Magazine describes the incident perfectly, but forgot to mention a few things.

I was there at the Blink-182 concert with two other girl friends of mine, and it was my first time ever being at a concert– anticipation, and excitement high. The whole day I spent trying on different clothes in order to create the right look, danced around my kitchen, and gabbed on the phone before heading out at 5pm. The show started at 6:30pm, but doors opened up an hour earlier in order to accommodate the large crowd.

Once finally finding the location after several missed turns, everything about the concert was spectacular. Two of my best friends were by my side, and a variety of great bands made the assembly. Chester French was the first performer of the night, followed by Taking Back Sunday, and Weezer to rally the crowd. The music was great, dancing crazily in front of our seats is always a plus, and I felt very secure and safe (while still in a large city at night) with policemen patrolling at each corner.

My only complaint is the drugs.

Sure, anyone over twenty-one can have a beer or two legally and not get drunk; I’m not against that. However, that night I saw several people who did not look twenty-one or older but were still drinking. On top of that, because the theatre was outdoors, smoking was allowed. More than once I smelt marijuana, and had to cover my face with my hood in order to try to keep the smoke out of my lungs.

Being in an environment where there was loud noise, teenage hormones, and drugs available, it’s sadly inevitable that teens would go out and get a hold of those items. I, personally, believe that Comcast Theatre should not allow smoking for everyone’s safety.

Blink-182’s short statement was to-the-point, but heartfelt. I never really heard much about DJ AM before the concert, yet I began to feel remorse for his death. People Magazine was right in stating that the crowd yelled, “I love you guys,” but left out groups of people laughing at their sadness because they were high. My heart goes out to Blink-182 and I have much more respect for them than I had before, but ashamed for the others who also attended the concert. Let’s just say I won’t be going to any concerts for awhile.

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