Top 10 Trends for This Fall [Teen Article]

Bianca is a 14-year-old from Deptford, NJ. She loves fashion, school and being with her friends and family.

Some of this year’s fashion trends are a continuation from last year, but some are totally different! Check them out!

1. Leather jackets/bombers:

These are so in for this fall and into winter! Originally worn by motorcycle riders, leather jackets come in various colors and patterns and are being seen on celebrities from Demi Lovato to Rihanna. Plus, the ones from Nollie are insulated so they’re warm in the cold!

2. Plaid:

Top 10 Trends for Fall

Plaid is in every store, from Aeropostale to Delia’s for this fall! From outerwear to purses, try this vintage touch in any simple outfit.

3. Scarves:

Scarves, worn short or long with jeans or dresses, add a feminine touch to anything.

4. Preppy:

Polos are in again! From collared shirts to rugby stripes, anything and everything preppy is in this fall. To try the look for yourself, just think Catholic school uniform turned fashionable!

5. Moccasins:

Stores like Nine West and Payless are carrying the classic Native American moccasin with a new twist- fun colors like bubblegum pink and turquoise! Try them with skinny jeans or a flowy skirt!

6. High boots:

Not high heels, but high on the leg! Thigh high leather has been seen all over the runway lately, so try trading in your ankle length Uggs for a shin or knee-length version.

7. Bling:

Rough jewelry, and lots of it, from bangles and spikes, to leather and rubber wristbands! Express your style with your mom’s charm bracelet and other unlikely pieces all over a single wrist- just be sure to pile on at least 3 pieces!

8. Leggings:

Whether they’re solid with lace, ripped and torn, or colored with a wild pattern, leggings and second skin jeans are great on their own or under shorts to make summer clothes wearable in autumn.

9. Red:

Red is the new black for this fall! Deep reds in prom dresses and almost-pinks for t-shirts and sweats are totally fabulous! For darker skin tones, stick with earthier reds like brick; whereas fairer girls should stick with a pinker version.

10. Converse: Top Fall Trends for Teens

Especially on the east coast, the Converse brand is back in- through sneakers, tees, and hoodies. They’ve even introduced special collections for popular bands Metallica and AC/DC.
Try mixing these fun fall styles with your own to make a hip look that’s totally you!

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