Bye-Bye-Bye Tween Years [Teen Article]

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Bye Bye Tween Years
Ever wonder where your tween years have gone and why they passed by so fast?

I remember being a tween and obsessed with so many different bands and artists that I didn’t even have enough wall space to show my love for these celebrities!

Tween years for me were all about enjoying life while I was still being treated like a kid but getting a little more responsibilities that I would have to weigh on my shoulders. I definitely used these years to my advantage by spending time with the people that really cared about me. Although most people take for granted their tween years, because this is the time where you can just slide by, but as soon as your officially a teen life starts to get just a little more complicated, and oh yeah school is much more difficult.

The six things I remember the most from my tween years were friends, family, and bands. Some of these things may relate to you if you are a current teenager.

1.       NSYNC

This band was all everyone talked about during my tween years and they were definitely a band to listen to. They had a clean cut yet edgy image in the media, and their songs where amazing and well written. The members of Nsync, which were Justin Timberlake, JC Chasez, Lance Bass, and Joey Fatone, became some of America’s most talked about teen heartthrobs and were posted in every tween girl’s room, including mine.

2.       Lizzie McGuire

This show was another hit during my tween years and I absolutely loved this TV show, and I even owned many shirts and posters supporting my love for this hit television show. Hilary Duff aka Lizzie McGuire soon became a favorite for all tween’s and most tween girls could relate to her clumsiness and regular everyday life.

3.       Gameboy Color

Shockingly this was as high- tech as it could get during my tween years and I remember the impact it had on all tweens during my time. Instead of playing outside many would play with their brand new Gameboy Color, some say this was a good thing while others say it had a negative impact on tween’s.

4.       Britney Spears

Britney back in her early days is all I can remember. I remember the hit single, “Oops I did it again” repeating on the radio every day and no matter how many times they would play it, I would never get sick of this song. I can admit that I was a huge Britney Spears fan back in my tween years and I know many more tween’s who also loved her.

5.       Innocence

This may sound weird but when you are a tween you are the most innocent person on this earth, apart from children and babies. When I was a tween I only saw happiness and never really realized the down sides of life until my teenage years started to emerge. Tweens live their life very freely and are still able to get away with it, while they can still be considered a child.

6.       Spending time with family and friends

Your tween years are all about spending time with the people that truly care about you, which are your family and friends. Spending time and creating life long bonds is crucial during this time, that way you high school years can pass by smoothly. I remember always bonding with my family while still making tons of new friends that I could grow with.

Reflecting back on your tween years is definitely something sad but always remember the positive change you made and how much you have grown as an individual and I’m sure you will have prosperous things in your future.

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