Why Teens Love Online Quizes [Teen Article]

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Why Teens Love Online Quizes
What’s your favorite color? Where do you want to go for Spring Break? Summer or winter? Your lucky number? Your dream car? Question after question after question … they are always the same, and we often get the exact same results in online quizzes or tests, no matter how often we take them. It’s been said that insanity is defined as repeating the same action over and over again, with the same results over and over again, but always expecting new results. Call teens crazy, then, and I won’t argue – because that’s exactly what we do with online quizzes.

Is there reasoning behind this behavior? Sure there is. Maybe it doesn’t make much sense to others, but to teenaged girls and guys, it’s perfectly logical. You see, from the time we turn thirteen, to around the time we graduate from high school (or beyond that time, for some), teenagers’ lives revolve mostly around finding ourselves. Everything we try can be traced back to that central focus. Dating, fashion, and a multitude of activities; they all help us to learn a little bit more about ourselves. We try on various ideas about ourselves like shirts in a dressing room.

Online quizzes are just more shirts to try on. They may not be written by genius psychologists; rather, most are created by amateurs who have nothing better to do. We, as teens, are usually aware of that. But still we are curious, and, spending so much time online, it is inevitable that we will click on one of those ever-so-inviting links.
We also like to know what others might think of us, or to have a second opinion on whether we’ve got chemistry with that cutie in Chemistry class. And sometimes we are just plain bored. Online quizzes don’t come in only one category, after all. There are personality quizzes and style quizzes, quizzes about the opposite sex, and quizzes about celebrities. Why, just today I took a quiz on Facebook called, “When Will Kanye Interrupt Your Life?” based on Kanye West’s recent stunt at the VMA’s!

Adults may shake their heads all they want at today’s teen’s strange fetish for quizzes. But it’ll be around as long as the Internet lasts – which will probably turn out to be forever – because a teen is a teen, and we don’t change much from year to year.

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