10/2/09: Articles This Week

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We are heading to Korea, Japan and Singapore in the next two weeks to interview our next set of families for our book Parenting Is Flat.  If we have any readers in those areas or you know any families that would be willing to be interviewed, let me know!

Top Articles:

Emailing Teachers: 5 Tips to Successfully Email Teachers

As schooling becomes more and more virtual (e-books, online homework, etc) it is important to learn how to develop proper relationships with teachers online as well as in class.

The Perfect Syndrome: 10 Things You Need to Know

We all strive for this illusive “perfect”, but this can be a dangerous goal.

Articles from Teens and Guests:

Parents as Leaders: Teaching Kids Work Ethic [Guest Post]

Writer, mother, grandmother, Lucy Jeanne, explains the importance of motivating your children to work and teaching them leadership skills.

Teen Twins: A Mismatch on Parenting Teenage Twins

Child development specialist and psychotherapist, Joan A. Friedman, gives her tips on parenting twins.

I’m Coming Out [Teen Article]

A brave teen intern comes out to his parents on Radical Parenting.

Exhaling the Anger [Teen Article]

The detrimental effect of a parent’s anger and how to control it.

Teen Pregnancy: A New Fad?

When a 16 year-old becomes an aunt to her 18 year-old sister’s baby, she is in shock. Why are teen pregnancy rates not going down?

5 Unforgettable Films for Teens [Teen Article]

From modern classics to old standards, five of the best teen flicks.

Teens and Concerts: Blink-182’s Tribute to DJ AM [Teen Article]

The recent tragic death of a popular DJ is overshadowed by teen concert goers’ drug and alcohol usage.

Top 10 Trends for This Fall [Teen Article]

Jackets, scarves and boots– it must be fall! Here are the hot items teens are talking about as we move out of summer heat and into fall breezes.

Bye-Bye-Bye Tween Years [Teen Article]

A teen reflects on the six things she remembers most as a tween.

Does Competition in Education Enhance the Learning Environment? [Teen Article]

Competition is all around us: when we try to get the better parking spot, better job and especially, better test score. But does competition really benefit us in school?

Why Teens Love Online Quizes [Teen Article]

We see them in email chains, Facebook apps and Myspace message boards. Why teens are addicted to the ever-present online quiz.

Remembering the days [Teen Article]

Looking back at that golden time period, not a child and not quite a teen.

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