10-7-2009 Picks and Discount on Costumes!

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Today, to celebrate National Cyber Security Awareness Month, we’re announcing a fantastic contest for U.S. schools to win up to $20,000. The Norton Cyber Safe Challenge encourages parents to compete for their school to win by signing up the most accounts for OnlineFamily.Norton.com. As you know, OnlineFamily is free and encourages open conversations between parents and kids about their online lives.

You can get more information about the contest and how to get started at www.onlinefamily.norton.com/contest.

The Father and Daughter Alliance FADA is transferring skills, authority and assets intergenerationally and inter-gender from fathers to daughters in India and other parts of the world.

Will You Be a Slumber Party Captain?

Girls With Dreams is hosting the World’s Largest Slumber Party on Saturday November 14th, uniting teens virtually all over the world.  Grab your girlfriends and join us from the comfort of your own home!  Streaming live from Slumber Party headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri, and with teen slumber party captains in each state, the party will include celebrity interviews, DIY spas, a dance party, movie marathon, teen room makeover contest, and much more!  Participants will also donate NEW pajamas to The Pajama Program, an organization that provides new, warm PJ’s to children worldwide.

We’re looking for Slumber Party Captains in every state!  Will you join us?  You can find out how by reading more here. http://www.girlswithdreams.com/will-you-be-a-slumber-party-captain.html

Book of the Week

The Power of Respect Benefit from the Most Forgotten Element of Success by Deborah Norville

I loved this! Read it very quickly and think Norville is hundred percent correct, parents, teachers and teens forget how important respect is in relationships.  Keep an eye out for a post on teaching teens respect…

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