Speaking for Beverly Hills Unified School District Tonight!

If you are a parent of the Beverly Hills Unified School District, please feel free to come tonight.  It is free and I will be discussing:

Kids and Teens Online

Helping parents, digital immigrants, understand, relate to and keep up with digital natives, teens, is essential to maintaining the parent child relationship in the 21st century.

In this talk, Vanessa delves into the tricky topics that teens, tweens and even toddlers get into online while searching for videos on Youtube, creating their first email and taking a turn in Twitter.

We also understand that every child is at different levels and comes into their ‘virtual adulthood’ at different paces and times.  This talk covers all of the basics as well as prepares parents and teachers for what to expect in the late teen years.



Privacy Settings





Internet Addiction

Virtual Worlds

Virtual Dating and Friends

College Applications and  the Online World


Identity Theft

Spam vs Spim

Teacher Bating

YouTube and Twitter

Hear about the virtual world from a REAL digital native, not from an expert looking down.  Vanessa checks her Facebook about 45 times per day…just like your kids! Find out why teens are using social networks not just how. What is the real meaning of a Facebook poke? Or a digital kiss? …find out at this this talk!

7pm Horace Mann School Beverly Hills

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