Interview with Barbara Turvett of Working Mother Magazine!

Bridget is a 15 year old from Austin, Tx. She has a passion for writing and aspires to be a journalist when she’s older, when she’s not writing you can find her listening to her ipod or at a concert!

n1603844190_4266We here at Radical parenting were lucky enough to interview Working Mother’s Deputy Editor Barbara Turvett. Turvett is a current working mother of a lovely teenage daughter and has studied parenting, women’s health and education topics all throughout her very successful career. Her writing has been featured in many publications such as; Family Circle, Men’s Fitness, Weight Watchers, etc. Turvett has also studied singing and theatre all prior to writing her own health book. Turvett has an extensive list of accomplishments and Radical Parenting is honored to have an opportunity to get some insight towards her life in the publishing world.

The following questions are the interview questions that Barbara has been kind enough to answer thoroughly.

What are some parenting articles that you absolutely love?

First, let me say how flattered I am that you have an interest in my work. And congratulations on your great website, Radical Parenting. As for articles, I’m not sure if you mean my own or others in our magazine, or… but here it goes:

I do like “Texting and Sexting and Teens, Oh My!” written for our website, For our magazine, Working Mother, last year I wrote a feature called “Women for Women,” in which I profiled three amazing multicultural women; it’s not a parenting article, but I think all women and girls can appreciate the giving nature of these three great people. Not long ago I wrote two cool features for the now defunct Child magazine that I’m pretty proud of: “Down on the Farm in Tuscany”–about my family’s travels to this amazing Italian region—and “To Test or Not to Test”–about progressive assessment in schools vs. basic testing. I also really like a couple of features that I recently assigned and edited for Working Mother, ”The Truth About Boys and Girls” by social anthropologist Meredith Small and “What Makes a Great School” by Alexandra Moses.

What writers/authors do you admire and love?

Novelist Chang Rae Lee (Native Speaker), New Yorker writer Malcolm Gladwell (The Tipping Point, etc.), Harper Lee, Elizabeth Strout (I just read her Pulitzer winner Olive Kitteridge and adored it) and for guilty pleasure, suspense writer John Lescroart. There are lots more, too numerous to mention.

What advice would you give teen writers who aspire to become journalists?

It’s tough out there right now, so keep an open mind and try not to limit yourself. You may think that all you want to do is to be a newspaper feature writer, but newspapers are in trouble these days and who knows how that industry–not to mention magazines, books, etc.–are going to shake out in the next some years or even decade. So, yes, you want to write, but be open to writing for all sorts of media and markets. Obviously online is a burgeoning area, but, will it pay enough to writers going forward? Who knows?

Although the employment climate was different when I was coming up, I actually was able to make a major career change—from years as an actor/singer to years now as an editor/writer—I think because I had an open mind and felt that there were many things I could do with my life, not just one. While I always loved performing and early on thought that would be it for me, I eventually grew to love magazine publishing too.

If you weren’t writing [and editing], what would you do?

Well, I guess I could try to go back to acting. That would be good–if I actually could get hired! I’ve always liked volunteering for schools and nonprofits and such. I sure like being a mom, too. I’m very proud of my daughter, who’s now a teenager like you guys and has just started high school (right now she wants to be a fashion journalist when she “grows up”). And gee, I guess I could stand just traveling the world!

Be sure to check out other articles written by Barbara Turvett on, below are also some of her favorite articles talked about during her interview and some articles we here at Radical Parenting thought would be good for mothers, teenagers, etc.

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Note from Vanessa: We are so grateful for Barbara’s time and her inspiration to many of our teen writers on the site and teens who read the site.  Thank you so much!

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