10/16/09: Articles This Week

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We are in Singapore, Japan and Korea doing research on Parenting Is Flat, our next book about parenting around the world.  If you are in those areas, give us a ping, otherwise stay tuned for videos and pictures!
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Top Articles:

10 Best Educational Online Games for Students

How educational online games are making school fun for students of all ages.

10-7-2009 Picks and Discount on Costumes!

Contests, discounts and other fun things happening this week.

Articles from Teens:

Meet A Few Of Our Interns: 10/13/09

Though our latest teen writers are more diverse than ever, from an aspiring therapist to a book editor, they still love their Facebook!

Advice for Teen Girls Column: How to Fit In

Our latest teen advice columnist, Melissa, helps us navigate the social circles of high school.

Varsity Blues [Teen Article]

How high school sports is not just fun and games.

The Socrates Within Us [Teen Article]

Socrates believed in the right to question authority. How his message still applies to teens today.

Green Friendly Back to School [Teen Article]

How to put environmental awareness into your back-to-school routine.

Religion Has a Positive Outcome on Teens [Teen Article]

Sometimes, religion can be the best bet to combat the many stresses of being a teen.

The Importance of Applying to College Early [Teen Article]

The reality of senior year is the stress of college applications. An experienced senior breaks down the process.

Articles from Guests:

Middle Earth for Parents [Guest Post]

A father admires his very socially intelligent son as they both get ready for middle school.

Interview with Barbara Turvett of Working Mother Magazine!

Writer, editor and mother gives us her take on life in the publishing world.

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