The Benefits of Peer Tutoring [Teen Article]

Laura is a 17-year-old from Ontario, Canada. She enjoys reading, traveling, and music. In her free time, she loves watching Friends reruns.Information Literacy Peer Tutors by coateslibrary.

            Are you searching for a course that gives you a one-of-a-kind experience and is very hands-on? Something that will not take up a large amount of time in your academic schedule, but will teach you life lessons and is something you will genuinely enjoy?

            I have always enjoyed working with others and helping people when they are in need. I especially loved helping other students, whether it is younger ones or students my age. However, it was not until my guidance counselor at my school suggested I take a class called Peer Tutoring that I actually considered it. I was not even aware of this class before then. It seemed like an easy way to fill a space in my schedule without actually taking a spare. 

            For the past three weeks I have now been enrolled in this wonderful class. It is one of the most rewarding classes I have ever taken throughout my high school experience. The minute I walked into class I realized this was no ordinary course-it was a unique opportunity that most people do not get to experience. Peer Tutoring at first sounds like it involves helping children with their homework and concepts they do not understand, but it is much more than that.

            I work in one of my school’s special needs classes, and I assist exceptional students with their work and staying on track. The students in this class are eager to learn and more excited about school than any other people I know. They care about school and are dedicated to doing their best, and with the remarkable special needs program at my high school, they succeed in many areas.

            Although I am lending a hand to these students, I feel as though I get much more back in return. This fulfilling class teaches the students valuable lessons that can be used in their future. The students in my class are enjoyable and ready to learn and discover new things each day I come in.

            Peer Tutoring teaches students patience and is especially beneficial if someone is looking to become a teacher for their future career. It is a class which requires a lot of dedication and patience when keeping some students on task. This helps me to develop skills I can use in upcoming years.

            Every day is more enjoyable than the last and I always look forward to going to class. New things are experienced each day, and teens learn to deal with challenges they otherwise would not be exposed to until later in their life. Peer Tutoring teaches responsibility and leadership to a teenager that is required for their continuing education.

            I am extremely appreciative that I was able to take this class before I graduated from high school, and I can already tell it will make my final high school year very memorable. If a student goes to a high school which offers this course, I highly recommend taking it. You become more involved in the student community and its value is priceless.

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