Back to School Time: 5 Ways to Reinvent Yourself This School Year! [Teen Article]

Melissa is a 15 year old from Valley Stream, NY. She enjoys spending time with her family, reading intriguing articles, and hopes to travel the world someday.

            When it’s August, we get that unwanted sense of knowing that summer is almost over. Beaches, Water Parks, and hanging out with friends all day, will be soon substituted with school. While dreading the end of summer, my friends and I also can’t help, but look forward to school. Each new school year, means a time to reinvent yourself. If you were that shy girl in the back of the class, this year can be the time where you show everyone that there is more to you than meets the eye. If you were conveyed as the “ditzy,” teen where no one expected much of you, this is your year to shine.

5 ways to start this year fresh and be a “NEW YOU.”

  1. Perception- Before you decide you want to be more “outgoing,” or “friendly,” examine yourself. Do you like the way you are? Are you comfortable with who you are? My friends and I always ask ourselves these questions. If you have the slightest frustration with yourself, as in you need to participate more in class or join clubs, your perception of might need a little reinventing.
  2. Decide Who You Want to Be- If you want to be more outgoing or a more athletic person, or more involved in school clubs, this is your time to decide.
  3. Observation- When you have decided on what you want to reinvent about yourself this year, observe the people around you with the traits that you want. For example, if you want to be more outgoing, observe the people around you that interact and meet new people frequently. Hang out with them and portray yourself in that manner. For example, I used to be shy back in the ninth grade. However, in one of my classes, I sat next to people who I never had classes with before. They were the outgoing type and were into sports. I gradually started to open up and start talking to them. Once I did, I felt so refreshed. I felt as if I just broke out of my shell.
  4. Attitude- This is the most important step in your recreation. Act the way you want to be. Back to the shy example, if you are that shy girl, just step foward and be who you truly want to be. It can be hard, but at the end of the day, the person that really has to be happy with who you are, is yourself. So step into that outgoing zone and start friendly conversations with people. Don’t just jump into someone’s conversation, but compliment someone’s shoes or something along those lines, and then you can get a conversation going.
  5. Examine- Once you have completed all the above steps, take a step back and examine your progress. Have you broken out of your shy shell? Or did you become more athletic? Whatever it is, examine the progress you have made so far. Make sure this is where you want to be. Most importantly, make sure you are happy!

 I wish you all the best this school year!


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