10/23/09: Articles This Week

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Top Articles:

6 Ways to Increase Youth’s Self-Esteem

Low self-esteem is often at the core of most teen’s issues. These 6 steps will help us make our teens feel great about themselves.

5 New Types of Moms….or Momikers

What are the new types of moms? Are you a cosmomom? How about a MomCEO?

Articles from Teens:

10-21-2009 Picks of the Week

From the latest substance abuse prevention program to GMO’s in our food, read up on the hot topics this week.

BOOK REVIEW: The Hole in the Sky by Barbara A. Mahler

Book one in this riveting trilogy takes inspiration from 9/11 and teaches us the importance of love and an open heart.

Ask-A-Teen Column: The Healthy Choice

With busy lives and plenty of other things to worry about, it can be hard to get teens to eat right. Our teen advice columnists give us their tips on how to get teens to be healthy.

Teens Saving the World [Teen Article]

Extraordinary teens make a difference and inspire others to do the same.

New Town, New School: How Parents Can Ease the Stress of Transition [Teen Article]

Tips for parents to help their teens ease into a new school, make new friends and keep old ones.

Back to School Time: 5 Ways to Reinvent Yourself This School Year! [Teen Article]

A new school year gives teens a chance to shed their old skin and start fresh.

Juggling Acts [Teen Article]

The life of a teen is a crazy one with school, homework, extra curricular activities and friends. Here are four tips to help teens with time management.

Facing Suicide [Teen Article]

A community struck by tragedy comes together for support.

The Benefits of Peer Tutoring [Teen Article]

Learn patience, teaching skills and give back to your community through peer-to-peer tutoring programs.

Articles from Guests:

Teens and Identity [Guest Post]

Teen advice guru of HeyJosh.com, Josh Shipp, gives three ways we can help teens through the number one issue that effects all of their lives: identity.

4 Steps To Making Your Teen More Money Aware [Teen Guest Post]

15 year-old Logan Graham, of YouthBusinessBlog.com, gives parents tips to make their teens financially conscious.

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