The Obama Drama: Yes We……Won’t? [Teen Article]

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Obama drama: Any of the drama that you hear about on the news, or read in the papers relating to the President(ial Candidate) Barack Obama.

That is an actual definition take from Urban Dictionary. And, believe it or not, if there is so much news about Obama that there is SLANG for it, the times might start to be pivotal. Like my English teacher says, “People only start making slangs if they use it often.”

During Obama’s campaign, the media practically built the pedestal on which they wanted Obama to be seen. This is probably why nowadays you don’t see much negative feedback in the media. For example, hosting the Olympics in Chicago was Obama’s idea. However, when I watched the news just recently, the media did not mention that it was our president to suggest the idea, even though we all know it was. It just seems to me that the media is covering up some controversy Obama’s ideas present, like making school longer.

 I think I just heard a groan from all the readers that didn’t know about that. Yes, Obama wants to make public school to be until 6pm. He says there are many reasons why he wants to put this into reality. I’m sorry if I sound a bit skeptical and biased. However, not only am I a teenager but I’m also a daughter of a teacher. I would not only know how stressful it is for the kids in the public education system but also how stressed and tired the teachers can be after a day. (I mean, if Congress can get the summer off, why can’t students?) I will lay out the rationale Obama has for longer school days.

1. Weed out “bad teachers” I’m sorry, but I think the government is trying to wiggle out of responsibility and blame the teachers. Teachers can only follow the curriculum given to them. How is it their fault that they have to follow strict guidelines that (quite frankly) isn’t the best? When I was younger, I was in one of the best school districts in the state; perhaps it was because there were few students in there so we got more individual attention. Now in a high school with a student body close to 4,000, I realize how badly we need smaller classes. My school lost some money in the past year so we don’t have as many classes and had to lay some great teachers off. Before I digress, I must say that once again, it’s not the teachers’ fault…and where exactly will we get better teachers if we don’t have enough funding? Where exactly will we get the money to pay for the teachers’ extended hours? The current school day already has teachers exhausted. Did Obama even think about the hours good teachers put in AFTER school hours to grade work and plan lessons?

2. Poor test grades Apparently we are slightly behind some countries in the education department, so we need more hours of mediocre classes! (I hope you can detect my sarcasm dripping from that last statement.) It’s rather ironic that these places (Singapore, Taiwan, Japan and Hong Kong) have better test scores than us, considering that their students spend an average of 100 fewer hours in school. I will reiterate that extended hours won’t make a difference if the QUALITY of the curriculum doesn’t change. (I’m not sure if public education is like this everywhere in the U.S. but it sure is in my neighborhood.)

3. For the parents who work long hours In other words, the public education is now your child’s free Day Care service! Congratulations! (I apologize; I couldn’t resist that comment.) All jokes aside, I will ask this: would a parent who works long hours really want their child to be working on homework from 10 hours of classes instead of spending those hours with them together?

Though all of the reasons above are things the U.S. needs to help in, this is not how Obama should go around to do it.. I’m personally glad that I will graduate soon, so I will not have to deal with this nonsense. Personally, I think this is a really bad move for Obama; if this takes effect, the majority of teachers, parents, and future voters (high school students) will be outraged, which would prevent him from ever being voted back into a government position of any kind. Did I mention that even his fellow Democrats are giving him the thumbs down? If this comes to pass and no future politician has enough common sense to revoke it, I will personally home school any future kids I might have. I believe that others will agree with me on this.

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  1. Bob Collier
    October 25, 2009 at 5:17 pm #

    It seems to me that President Obama’s idea of making school days longer is at odds with another proposal he’s made for increasing online education. Studying via the internet, obviously, doesn’t require a student to be physically present at a specific location such as a school building. I suspect also that more online education would improve both teaching and learning efficiency, which would then present a good case for reducing the length of the school day.

    I will be interested to see how President Obama reconciles his two apparently contradictory objectives!

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