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Educator, 300x124 is our sponsor this week.  Educator is the best online tutoring website for high school students since they find the most effective instructors to help your child do well in school.


I had reviewed earlier in the year and since then they have added more subjects and more teachers.  Currently they have a vast collection of lectures all taught by college professors and professional prep instructors that span eleven subjects.

What Does Teach? covers a variety of courses ranging from mathematics to science to computer science, with both standard and AP level instruction.

Click below to see the comprehensive syllabuses which cover almost all textbooks.  There are several “Free Sample Training” videos for each subject.

Math: Trigonometry, Algebra IAlgebra II,  AP Calculus ABAP Calculus BCStatistics

Science: Chemistry, AP Physics B, AP Physics C, Biology

Computer Science: AP Computer Science

Who Can Help?

* High School Students

* Home School Students

* College Students

* Students that want to reach their potential in school

* Students who want to get ahead

Why Use

* Your child is not learning from the teacher or textbook

* Tutors are too expensive or far away

* You want peace of mind that your child’s tutor is effective

* You want your child to be able to learn anytime/anywhere

Advantages of Educator?

* Two-video interface which mimics one-on-one tutoring with an instructor view and whiteboard view.


* Indexing and Searchability of lectures.  Now your child only needs to type in their problem topic and they can jump where the instructor covers the issue.


* QuickNotes which help your child prepare for their exam.


* Instructors are all professional teachers in college or prep centers.  All have doctorates and are vetted through student reviews, interviews, and teaching ability.

How Much Does It Cost?

* Affordable price which is less than one hour of traditional tutoring.  Receive unlimited access to hundreds of lectures over eleven subjects for a monthly subscription fee of $25. is where teens learn from the most effective instructors in the world.  We specialize in Algebra, Biology, Calculus, Chemistry, Java, Physics, Statistics, and Trigonometry.

Educator, 392x72

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