Voices of Tomorrow: Interview Debra Mamorsky

We were lucky enough to interview Debra Mamorsky of Voices of Tomorrow.  I have always loved reading the articles written by the young writers at Voices because they give great perspectives on important global and local issues.

Started in 1999, founder Mamorsky started this to provide a repository for tomorrow’s leaders to be able to communicate important issues of concern or interest that are relevant to them.  Started as a regional magazine, TeenSpeak Today for the Leaders of Tomorrow was written by High School students. Once the publication hit the web many university and graduate students wanted to contribute and so the name was changed to Voices-Tomorrow’s Leaders, Today’s Issues and it is solely written by and for 20 and 30 year olds around the world. Mamorsky shared that many of the articles and editorials written by reporters as far away as China, India, Africa, the UK, France, South America, the Netherlands, across the US and elsewhere help eradicate misconceptions we have about others who share our world.  Further, there are networking opportunities that result from the published work as well.

What is Voices of Tomorrow?

“The importance of creating an international forum for your views cannot be overstated. Conflicts in one country affect the world community. As such, it is critical that we create the means to understand each other – our cultures, our religions, our histories, our dreams for the future, and our visions for making the world we share a better place in which to live for all of us. Exchanging ideas with your peers around the world, coupled with the opportunity to erase misconceptions we have about one another, will foster understanding and respect where ignorance exists. Ignorance only produces fear and hatred and blinds us from discovering the truth.”

I am a huge fan of Voices for many of our teen writers to work towards and many of our parent readers should take a look at some of their international and U.S news pieces!

Some Great Articles from Voices of Tomorrow

The Real H1N1 Problem by Brittany Van Ness

Pandemic seems an appropriate designation for the H1N1 Swine Flu virus. First appearing in Mexico last spring, it has since spread around the world sickening over 254,206 people and killing 2185. In the U.S., the Obama administration has been ablaze with proactive vigor and has allocated over six billion dollars to influenza preparedness.

Salvaging Sexuality by Singto Saro-Wiwa, Nigeria

Being a virgin was once a lauded symbol of virtue and purity in Nigeria. But over the past decade, casual sex has become a commercial enterprise – ‘just another commodity to be haggled over and sold on the open market,’…

Thinking and Acting Globally by Arthur Fung, Hong Kong

So I Believe by Shamma Raghib, Bangladesh

As a Muslim I have been asked why I would write about a religion that is not Islam. Some people have even suggested that by doing so I am demeaning Islam. To all those people who think like this, I say the faith I have written…

Racism to a Tee? by Josh Stein, Rhode Island

Activist and crusader Reverend Al Sharpton wants TV reporter for the golf channel Kelly Tilghman fired for a remark she made to her friend Tiger Woods. This Voices’ reporter’s take on Sharpton being teed-off.

The Hubris of Irrational Economics by Jared Wolfe, New York

It was Aristotle who first distinguished man from all other animals by saying that man is a rational being that acts purposely. Well this reporter says the “purposely” might be right, but he has trouble validating the idea that…

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