Radical Parenting iPhone App: iCurfew

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We have created a new iPhone application just for our readers.  We get tons of parents who worry about where there kids are at night, if they can trust them (or their friends) when they go out and the dangers of kids who are driving alone. We created this application for you…(and it’s only $0.99)!

iCurfew is an easy way for kids and parents to check-in with each other remotely. Kids simply use iCurfews to send their location to their parents in an email.

Whether kids are at the movies, at a friends house, or across the world, they can check-in using iCurfew on cell data networks or Wifi.
Parents don’t have to be nervous any longer; wondering if their kids are really out where they say they are. This app builds trust, and verifies real time location with an un-editable link.

What makes us different: Unlike other teen tracking apps, we want the checkin process to be mutual and encourage open communication. We have made the location link un-editable to ensure parents get the real location of their child. We think this mutually cooperative process encourages stronger relationships between kids and parents.
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Our Mission: To help parents and kids communicate in a technological world and eliminate the need for fighting, nagging and misunderstandings.

App Features:

* Email up to 3 contacts with currently location.
* Link sends parent to Google Map showing current location.
* Easy for kids to use, just hit a few buttons.
* Customize message template. Kids can add their own message on pick up time, change of plans, etc.
* Kids can easily send their location to parents picking them up from sporting events and concerts.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Touch iCurfew icon to launch.
2. “Hit Check-in Now”
3. After location is determined, hit “Send my location.”
4. Send email to preselected parent contact, and your done!

Why This Application is For Parents of All Ages

  • This can be used as a simple “pick me up here” tool for parents who need to pick up their kids at a new location.
  • Great for sending directions from kids to parents or parents to kids when they need to meet up.
  • We even have couples who use it to let each other know where they are to meet at a restaurant or to check in while traveling.
  • It’s only $0.99!

You can buy this now from your iPhone or directly from the iTunes store.


Please buy us a 3rd of a cup of coffee and consider trying it out, also please tell your friends, we have already seen some great use and safety come out of it and cannot wait to share that with you!

13 thoughts on “Radical Parenting iPhone App: iCurfew”

  1. Sounds interesting. But it raises the immediate question in my mind: do kids also have to have iPhones (so iPhones for the whole family? Don’t get excited junior…) or it will work as long as their phones are GPS enabled?

  2. HI Miguel

    Actually just the child needs to have the iPhone, we are working on versions for other phones. It will also work with ipod tough with 3G!


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