Pros and Cons of Facebook [Teen Article]

Vivian is a 14-year-old from Miami, FL. She enjoys music and hanging out with friends. In the future, she hopes to become a psychologist because she loves helping others in their times of need.

            These days, technology is taking over today’s youth. With new modern inventions like the iPhone, people are spending more and more time immersed in the virtual world, which equates to less time for activity. This is actually prevalent in my life: before I discovered this amazing yet dangerous website myself, I was constantly reading novels or occasionally playing outside because I had nothing else to do with my free time. My trips to the library were a dime a dozen, and ever since that fateful day of creating my account, those trips have dwindled down a substantial amount. Dwelling upon the past, I realize that without a Facebook, I spent much less time fixated on the computer screen.

I even vividly remember an experiment that I had the summer of two years ago: I deleted my Myspace account (back when it was all the rage). I wanted to see what would happen if I suddenly deleted the source of a vast amount of my time. The outcome that occurred was not positive: I was constantly wandering about wondering what to do, as I did not know how to manage my newly accumulated free time. I know this is sad, but I think if many other teens did this, the same thing would happen. We would all forget what to do with our life after devoting so much time of it to the Internet. Anyways, I finally admitted defeat on my experiment and created a new Myspace account. When my friends all transitioned over to the Facebook stage, so did I. Ever since, I have been online as much as I could, but over time learned to take it into moderation as well and use most of my free time for productivity as I have done all those years ago when I didn’t even discover the possibilities of a social networking site. I discipline myself and use the Internet as a reward after I completely finish my homework (or else it would be an unwanted distraction) and allot certain times of day for physical activity and reading.

            Although Facebook can be a black hole in one’s life, it also has been a blessing in disguise. I suddenly know much more about my friends and my classmates that I occasionally talk to, and I am able to see their photos more easily. Also I am able to remember their birthdays and talk to them more effortlessly. Homework help is within reach, too!

I personally think Facebook is a great tool if used wisely. It should not suck up one’s whole entire life but it should be used as how I have recently tried to use it: in moderation.

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